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“Manta Manta – Second Part”: Wow, have fun!



A sequel after more than 30 years. Can this go well? It can! Til Schweiger (59) got the whole gang back together from back then and took a few newcomers with him. Great fun – also for cyclists and pedestrians.

Story: The fat years are for Bertie ( Schweiger) long gone. His Uschi ( Tina Ruland, 56) now loves another ( Moritz Bleibtreu, 51). He raises their daughter (Luna Schweiger, 26) in his shabby workshop. The son (Tim Oliver Schultz, 34) grows up with his richly married mother. When Berti needs money, a race is to be set up – of all things against Berti’s intimate enemy Axel (Martin Armknecht, 61).

With “Manta Manta” Til Schweiger became a screen star. This time he is also directing. In the 32 years in between, Schweiger has learned a lot – in contrast to most others in this country, including in Hollywood. This is particularly evident in the action scenes.

It’s screwed, talked shop about cars and races. But the cult figures from Bertie to Uschi to Klausi (Michael Kessler, 55) are the focus. What is fortunately missing is any pandering to the zeitgeist. Bertie chain smokes, fills his environment with rubbish and nobody drives around in an electric car.

The DeLorean from Back to the Future is no longer the only time machine on four wheels. “ Manta Manta – Second Part” is like unexpectedly meeting an old school friend on the street after decades – and recognizing him at first sight.

Conclusion: coats on and off to the cinema! Then take a taxi home, because one, two, three beers are part of the film like Uschi is part of Bertie. Because old love never rusts.


(127 min./from 12 years)

Photo: BILD

Source: Asia Times

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