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Massive Fire Breaks Out at Bronx Tire Shop, Sending Thick Smoke Billowing Into Sky



A massive fire at a tire shop in the Bronx sent thick clouds of dark smoke billowing into the night sky late Tuesday, video showed.

The blaze broke out just before 11 p.m. at the business along the Cross Bronx Expressway South in the Soundview neighborhood, according to the FDNY. The towering flames grew so intense, the fire department had to call in backup in an effort to contain the fire.

Thick smoke blanketed the area — as if there wasn’t already enough smoke making breathing difficult for some in the city. Video from the Citizen App showed the fire raging.

It’s not clear what sparked the fire. There were no immediate reports of any injuries, and it would likely take hours to douse the flames.

Source: NBC New York


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