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Meghan Markle Believed to Have Sent a Message Mocking King Charles During Recent Outing



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While some thought it could have been an “olive branch,” many others believe the Duchess of Sussex was clearly mocking King Charles III during her recent appearance.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made several public appearances recently in an effort to try and boast their image following a rough few months and lost deals. It was reported that the couple was ready to rebrand and would move away from trashing the royal family. Now though a new book with more allegations against the prince’s relatives has many believing that Meghan was the main source of that information.

Perhaps to try and shift the noise, the duchess stepped out for photographers in Santa Barbara days after the book’s release. But what she wore is now causing controversy as some believe she was mocking King Charles.

What Meghan wore when she was photographed during outing

Meghan was photographed sporting a black top with leggings and a green baseball cap on Dec. 4. She accessorized her look with a few pieces of jewelry including a gift from the king.


Prince Harry’s wife and father used to have a very close relationship and one of the beautiful items the monarch gifted his daughter-in-law is a Bentley & Skinner diamond tennis bracelet. The piece created by royal warrant holders features 92 round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Because everything the Sussexes do is done with intent, royal watchers tried to decipher what type of message the former Suits star wanted to get across with what she wore. Some felt that Meghan could have been sending an olive branch to her father-in-law hoping he would pay attention to the photos and see she’s wearing the bracelet. But others felt the duchess wore it for a totally different reason.

Many think Meghan was mocking King Charles

Plenty of commenters shared their thoughts on social media and the majority didn’t buy that Meghan was offering an olive branch by wearing the accessory but rather mocking the king.

King Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles (now Queen Camilla), and Meghan Markle share a laugh during Charles' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration

“She’s mocking him, just like she did with the titles,” one person wrote on X, while another chimed in: “She’s mocking him. Like her brother said, she will never stop until KC does something to stop her.”

A third person said: “I’d go with mocking … Or she hasn’t a clue who gave it to her … but really it’s probably on the advice of her PR team who want her to show solidarity with KC … Eh, instead of possible … guilt???”

A fourth user claimed: “It’s an absolute ‘Eff you!’ [to] the king! … defiantly marching around and sporting the expensive, dressy bracelet he gave her, that doesn’t match the outfit. Funny how the photographer knows to get that shot.”

A fifth posted: “She’s wearing it because it’s expensive & she’s vain. She has not given any thought as to who it was from or what message it sends. She couldn’t give a toss & she’s loving it.”

“I see it more like an insult tbh,” a sixth person opined and asked: “Who wears a 5K bracelet with gym clothes?”


And another added: “A shabby sweater, shabby leggings, shabby sneakers, a shabby cap, and all of that accessorized with a diamond bracelet given by the king of the United Kingdom, whom she drags through the mud in a global scandal accusing him of racism! Very elegant and very very classy!!”

Source: Cheat Sheet

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