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Meghan Markle Looked Cooking Show Host ‘Chic’ at California Charity Event, According to a Body Language Expert



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Meghan Markle spent a February 2024 evening cooking with women as part of The Welcome Project. Here’s what a body language expert had to say about it.

Meghan Markle, the cooking show host? A body language expert says the Duchess of Sussex certainly gave off host vibes — Nigella Lawson’s name was mentioned — when she spent an evening cooking as part of a charity initiative. Ahead, how Meghan bounced between cooking show host “chic” and “trainee.” Plus, what made her look more “hands-on.” 

Meghan made other women look like the ‘experts’ cooking on Feb. 10

Known for loving to cook, it’s no surprise Meghan combined two of her passions — food and giving back — on Feb. 10, 2024. 

Per a press release, she spent the evening in the kitchen with 15 women as part of The Welcome Project from The Archewell Foundation. Meghan and the women “gathered to cook traditional Afghan food including Ashak and Mantuu.” 


Body language expert Judi James examined an image from the night — see it in the press release —showing Meghan preparing food alongside women from the Southern California Welcome Project. 

“There’s a look of Nigella Lawson-chic here as the camera pans into [a] close-up over pasta and sauces before picking out a very glamorous Meghan,” she said (via Mirror).

As for the 42-year-old’s demeanor,  Meghan’s “body language and facial expressions” hinted that “she is learning from the women, creating empathy with them, and mucking in when it comes to the preparation and the cooking.” 

“Her checking glances to the others and her rounded-cheek smiles” suggested to James that “she is positioning herself as [a] trainee here.” Meaning she’s “allowing them to look like the experts.” 

The apron Meghan wore made her look ‘hands-on’ at The Welcome Project event

In images from the Archewell Foundation’s announcement, Meghan — and fellow guests — could be seen wearing aprons. Embroidered with “Archewell Foundation,” the apron, according to James, served an additional purpose for Meghan besides keeping her clothes clean. 

“She also wants to be seen as hands-on,” the body language expert said. “Hence the apron. And the way she scrunches her body slightly to join in the group dynamic over the hot hobs [burners].”


A collaboration with Mina’s List, the evening also included “personal stories” and a discussion on “the support they find from this intergenerational group of women.”

Meghan previously helped release a charity cookbook after connecting with women over food

Philanthropic efforts with an emphasis on food go back to Meghan’s days as a working royal. Her first solo project as a member of the British royal family was the Together cookbook. It raised funds for the Hubb community kitchen and those displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire. 

“Over the course of like eight or nine months, I just kept going back and visiting them. And I loved these women so much,” Meghan said in Netflix’s 2022 Harry & Meghan docuseries. 

“When I watched these women laughing together and grieving together, I said, ‘Why can’t you do this every day of the week?’”

“And they said, ‘Well, we don’t have the funds for it.’ I just looked around, I said, ‘We should make a cookbook.’”

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