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More training, less deaths: Türkiye mulls new road safety measures



Traffic accidents claim thousands of lives every year across Türkiye despite constant warnings to reckless drivers. Seeking to curb fatalities, the government is considering new measures. A 2023 national program by the Turkish Presidency includes a set goal of decreasing traffic fatalities to 8.3% and regular traffic inspections for 80 million motor vehicles and drivers.

Inspections will be followed by a selection of 5,000 drivers involved in most crashes stemming from driver’s error and each will be subject to safe driving classes.

Interior Ministry, in charge of enforcement of traffic safety, also works on improving the capacity of law enforcement to improve implementation of safety rules.

Türkiye already has an action plan covering the years between 2021 and 2023 and gradually implements 441 items on the plan, which focuses on streamlining cooperation between different ministries and public agencies to ensure traffic safety. A new plan is also in the making. The national program includes activities to boost awareness of the issue, with new campaigns on social media and more efficient inspections through smart road technologies. In a preemptive bid, the government also seeks to increase the number of road safety training for young students not qualified yet for driving licenses.

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