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Morgan Wallen Participated in a Weird Australian Tradition During His 2019 Tour



He’s got more than sand in his boots. Morgan Wallen spent time down under, thanks to his One Night at a Time tour. This country artist even participated in a uniquely Australian tradition — for the second time. Here’s what the “One Thing at a Time” singer said about his first “shoey.”

What is a ‘shoey,’ and why are artists doing it on stage?

As described by the New York Times, “to ‘do a shoey’ is to pour alcohol (usually beer) into a shoe (yours or someone else’s) and chug it.” The drinking tradition has been practiced by some of the world’s biggest celebrities as an almost Australian rite of passage. 

That includes Harry Styles, who drank from a shoe during the “Love On Tour.” In 2019, country artist Wallen was asked to participate by a fan, recalling the experience years later during a podcast interview.

Morgan Wallen described his ‘shoey’ experience in 2019

While visiting the All Country Podcast, Wallen recalled his last visit to Australia, which included participating in the country’s unique tradition. 

“I was singing a song, and this girl kept holding up her boot,” Wallen said. “And, you know, I thought she wanted me to sign her boot. You know where it’s going.” 


“But anyway, she gave me this boot, man, I mean, this boot looked like it had been through hell. This wasn’t a new boot. This was a boot she had for a while,” he continued. The songwriter said because he didn’t have a beer, he poured whatever was left of the fan’s drink in there and did “the Shoey thing.”

“I could feel like the whole energy in the room changed,” Wallen added. This artist noted if he were to do a Shoey on his upcoming tour, it would most likely be in his own boot — and a new one, at that. 

Morgan Wallen returned to Austalia with ‘One Thing at a Time’

In 2023, Wallen released his chart-topping album One Thing at a Time, complete with 36 new songs. Some quickly became fan-favorites earning millions of Spotify plays. That includes “Everything I Love,” “I Wrote the Book,” and “You Proof.” The artist also embarked on his One Night at a Time tour, making stops in Australia and across North America. 

“Awards are awesome, but my true measure of success is my fans, who this year I got to see every single night out on the road and will continue to do so for many years to come,” Wallen said in a statement.

Wallen already performed in Sydney and Melbourne, with the artist and HARDY doing a shoey onstage (as seen on social media). Tickets for other tour dates remain available on his website. Now, music by the country songwriter is available on most major streaming platforms. 


Source: Cheat Sheet

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