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Narcan approved for over-the-counter pharmacy sales: What to know in New York



NEW YORK — Narcan is now available without a prescription at pharmacies across the country.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the overdose-reversing nasal spray for over-the-counter sale.

Narcan was already available at pharmacies in New York — no prescription necessary. 

“The fight against the opioid epidemic is personal to me. I lost my nephew, Michael, to fentanyl overdose in 2017,” Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted after Wednesday’s announcement. “I’m proud that New York already has Narcan available at pharmacies — this action builds on our efforts and makes Narcan much more accessible. It will save lives.”

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from New York City’s Department of Health:

Do I need insurance, and how much does it cost?

No. Without prescription coverage, the multi-step nasal spray costs about $85, and the single-step costs about $150. 

Many insurance providers cover naloxone with little to no copay. If you do have a copay, ask your pharmacist about the state’s Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (N-CAP), which covers up to $40. 

Naloxone is also available for free at some community programs. CLICK HERE or call 311 to find a location.

Do I need ID?

No. The pharmacist may ask to see your ID for record-keeping, but your name and information are confidential.

There is no age limit, but a pharmacist may refuse to give naloxone to someone under 16.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes. The pharmacist should provide a short training and written instructions. 


New York State law allows anyone who has received training to carry and use naloxone. 

Does it expire?

Yes. It will have a marked expiration date. 

You can get a refill at any participating pharmacy.

In New Jersey, pharmacies were already under a standing order to provide naloxone regardless of whether someone had a prescription. CLICK HERE for more.

In Connecticut, pharmacists can be certified to prescribe naloxone. CLICK HERE for more.

Source: CBS

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