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NBA: Mega Surprise! Phoenix Suns part ways with Chris Paul!



Mega surprise in the NBA!

The Phoenix Suns will part ways with superstar Chris Paul!

This is reported by NBA insider Chris Haynes from Bleacher Report/TNT. This is reported by NBA insider Chris Haynes from Bleacher Report/TNT. “The Athletic” later added that a trade is also possible. Paul’s advisor Steven Heumann was informed.

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Source: BILD/AP

The 38-year-old’s contract actually runs until the end of the 2024-25 season. However, his salary is only partially guaranteed in the coming year, and not guaranteed at all in the last season.

Is called: The Suns would only have to pay the point guard $15 million instead of $60 million if he were fired.

With the Paul split, the total upheaval of the Arizona franchise is complete. After losing the playoffs to the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the Western Conference, the Suns already had coaches Monty Williams was kicked out and replaced by Frank Vogel.

NBA: New salary cap Reason for the firing of Chris Paul?

The reason for this is also the new owner Mat Ishbia! The billionaire bought the Suns a few months ago for almost four billion dollars. Now he wants to shape “his” Suns. As a first move, he brought superstar Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets before the trade deadline. In return, Cam Johnson and Mikael Bridges, two talented players and four early picks, went to the Nets.

Another possible reason for Paul’s sacking is that a new salary rule will come into effect in the NBA starting in the 2024-25 season! Teams can then no longer easily exceed the salary cap. With the Suns already having two big earners in their roster in Durant (51m) and Devin Booker (50m in 24/25), there seemed to be no room left for Paul.

Paul would be a free agent if fired and could join the team of his choice. The Los Angeles Lakers are traded as a possible club. Big buddy LeBron James, with whom Paul regularly goes on vacation in the off-season, has been playing there for a long time.


The 12-time All-Star switched to the Suns in 2020 and turned the little gray mouse into a real top club. It just didn’t work out with the title. The Suns lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2021 Finals.

After the finals, Paul signed a four-year contract worth $120 million. Now the paths separate!

Source: Asia Times

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