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NBA: Star player reveals: My father forced me to do pain exercises



He is one of the stars of the current NBA-Finals: Jamal Murray (26)!

The Denver Nuggets guard plays big in the series against the Miami Heat. In game 3 he put on a triple double. In fact, Murray is the first player in Finals history to have 10+ assists in the first four games.

Before the fourth game, however, he told his unbelievable story. In his childhood he was forced to do pain exercises by his father Roger!

Please what?

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Source: BILD/Instagram

Among other things, Murray had to balance cups of hot tea on his thighs while doing a squat!

In the ESPN interview, he was asked about it because he turned up so much in Game 3 despite a small hand injury. Murray explains, “I had to crouch for a while – most of the time without a watch so you didn’t know how much time was left.”

The Canadian also says that his father used to let him pick up leaves with his bare hands in the cold to harden them.

A few years ago, ESPN wrote in an article that Murray had to train in the bitter cold of Canada during his childhood. Throwing threes in the snow was the order of the day. In addition, his father stipulated that little Jamal could only stop when he hit 30 free throws in a row.

Murray talks to Nuggets coach Mike Malone

Murray talks to Nuggets coach Mike Malone

Photo: MIKE EHRMANN/Getty Images via AFP


Murray is grateful to his father for these incredible exercises, so says: “It allowed me to train in any cold training hall. That was no longer a problem. Little things like that helped me and built my resilience.”

On Twitter, on the other hand, not everyone saw it as positively as the Nuggets star. Many users accused Murray’s father of child abuse!

Papa Murray once defended his coaching methods. “For me, it was about proving to him that he could do it, that it was a matter of head and neck,” he told the Denver Post in 2017.

In 2016, Jamal Murray made it to the NBA and was drafted 7th in the draft by the Nuggets. However, his start there was cautious. Murray missed his first 17 throws.

But now he has proven to everyone that he is a superstar in the league. Also thanks to his father’s very questionable methods…

Source: Asia Times


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