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New Englanders rejoice, the moose emoji is here




Apple’s iOS 16.4 release included some minor updates and added 21 new emoji.

New Englanders, Canadians, and “Supernatural” fans now have at least one thing in common: they are collectively rejoicing for the moose emoji.

Apple released an emoji icon of a moose as part of its iOS 16.4 update Monday. A total of 21 emojis were added, including the blue heart, a goose, a jellyfish, and a WiFi signal.

Twitter users were particularly pleased with the new moose option.


Mainers are excited to see their state animal represented, Canadians love moose, and fans of the former CW series “Supernatural” are thrilled because Jared Padalecki’s character, Sam, was often referred to as “Moose.” 

Twitter was buzzing with talk of the other new emoji, with some users discovering that searching for “honk” yields the goose emoji. 

To use the new icons, Apple users will need to download the latest iOS update, which also offers standard bug fixes and upgrades, including enhanced voice isolation on phone calls and duplicate photo detection.

Source: Boston Globe


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