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New iPhone 14 Won’t Activate Properly? Try This Fix



Apple’s new iPhone 14 went on sale Friday, except a software bug is keeping some people from fully activating their brand-new phones.

The company acknowledged an issue with iOS 16 on the new phones on a support page, saying users may find themselves unable to receive iMessages or FaceTime calls, or find that messages they send go out with the wrong contact information.

The issue apparently affects users trying to set their phones up over a Wi-Fi connection, as opposed to connecting it to a computer to activate.

To fix the problem, Apple recommends updating the new phone to iOS 16.0.1, which is already available.

But as MacRumors reported, some users may need to use a Mac or PC to factory restore the software on their phones, in order to get the new iOS version and complete activation successfully.


The site said there is also a workaround that involves choosing the option during setup to connect to a computer, and then going back and trying a Wi-Fi setup again.

Source: NBC New York

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