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New York air ‘worst in the world’ as Canada wildfires rages on



Orange smog envelops Ottawa as Canada wildfires continue to fill skies

New York has topped the list of the world’s most polluted cities as smoke from over a 100 wildfires raging in Canada continue to fill skies in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions and turns the moon red.

New York’s Air Quality Index passed 200, which is deemed “very unhealthy”.

At 10pm ET, the city briefly had the worst air quality among major metropolitan areas worldwide, and currently surpasses Doha and Baghdad while trailing behind Delhi and Lahore.

Worsening air quality has prompted health alerts in New York and Quebec with officials warning people about the impact of fine particles known as PM2.5, which can lead to respiratory illnesses.


At least 10 school districts in central New York cancelled outdoor activities, including recess and gym classes.

The moon turned red for residents in the northeastern US, an occurrence directly linked to smoke drifting down from the Canadian wildfires as it appears behind grey, hazy skies.

Canada is currently facing one of its worst wildfire seasons on record, with over 6.7 million acres already scorched since this year’s start.


Canada facing its ‘worst wildfire season ever’

More than 160 forest fires have broken out in Quebec province with at least 114 raging out of control as officials warned that this is shaping up to be Canada’s worst fire season ever.

More than 400 wildfires are raging across the country as leaders appealed for international help to bolster local fire crews. An additional 200 firefighters are coming from France and the US, and Quebec is also in talks with Costa Rica, Portugal and Chile as it searches for additional resources.


Fires have forced about 10,000 people from their homes in Quebec, with most of those in the northwestern Abitibi region and the eastern Côte-Nord region.

The effects of hundreds of wildfires burning in Quebec could be felt as far away as New York City and New England, blotting out skylines and causing health complications in several people.

A firefighter directs water on a grass fire on an acreage behind a residential property in Kamloops, British Columbia


Stuti Mishra7 June 2023 06:38


New York City ‘worst polluted city’ in the world as air quality plummets

New York City briefly surpassed Delhi to become the world’s most polluted city for a few hours as smoke from raging wildfires in Canada engulfed the tri-state area and the northeastern US, bringing air quality down.


NYC currently stands at second spot just behind Delhi, with Detroit following at third. The US cities have become more polluted than Baghdad, Doha and Dhaka.

Air Quality Index levels surged above 200 in NYC, which is considered “very unhealthy”, prompting health alerts and leading to a halt in outdoor activities for many schools.

The Independent‘s senior climate correspondent Louise Boyle has more details here:

Stuti Mishra7 June 2023 06:17


Welcome to The Independent’s live blog with all the latest updates on raging wildfires in Canada and their impact on the air quality of New York and the northeastern United States.

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Source: Independent

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