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New York City expanding pre-k and 3-k resources for students with disabilities



NYC expanding preschool special education access


NYC expanding preschool special education access


NEW YORK — Mayor Eric Adams says New York City will finally give children with disabilities the support they deserve in pre-school education. 

Adams says by spring, all special education students in pre-k and 3-k will have enhanced resources in the classroom. 

About 3,000 seats will benefit, and the city will add 800 new seats. 


NYC mayor, schools chancellor make education announcement


Adams said for pre-k to be truly universal, it must include all of the city’s children. 

“The previous ideas of universal 3-k and pre-k did not account for children with disabilities. It was just wrong, it was unfair, and it was wrong. And parents knew that,” he said Tuesday.

The city is also increasing the school day from five hours to six so that students with disabilities will receive the same amount of class time as general education students. 

Source: CBS


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