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New York City Mayor Eric Adams challenges sanctuary city laws, calls for more cooperation with ICE



NYC Mayor Eric Adams challenges sanctuary city laws


NYC Mayor Eric Adams challenges sanctuary city laws


NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Eric Adams is slamming the city’s sanctuary laws, saying he supports working with federal immigration officials.

His stance marks a major shift in the decades-old policy.

The mayor is calling for more cooperation between federal immigration authorities and local police. He argues the current policies are detrimental to public safety.

In a series of recent statements, Adams expressed he is willing to permit law enforcement to work more openly with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport migrants who are suspected of serious crimes.


Current laws prohibit the city from cooperating with ICE if a foreign national has been charged with a crime but not convicted.

The mayor’s comments follow several high-profile crimes, in which the alleged suspects are recently arrived asylum seekers.

The incidents include a recent shooting of a tourist inside a Times Square clothing store and a group assault on two NYPD officers.

“If you are repeatedly committing crimes in our city, like the individual did a serious crime and then got out and went and assaulted and did a robbery, you don’t have the right to be in our city and tarnish the overwhelming number who are here following the rules,” Adams said.

The city first began limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities in the 1980s.

Supporters of sanctuary city policies argue they improve safety for everyone, including migrant communities who are often vulnerable to crime and are too scared to report it to law enforcement.

The mayor has not explicitly stated which aspects of the law he wants to see changed.


We expect to speak with him live tonight on CBS2 News at 5 about some top issues facing the city. 

Source: CBS

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