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New York City redesigning thousands of intersections to make them safer for pedestrians



NYC redesigning intersections to improve pedestrian safety


NYC redesigning intersections to improve pedestrian safety


NEW YORK — New York City is stepping up its efforts to make intersections safer for pedestrians.

Mayor Eric Adams says the city is working to redesign thousands of intersections with raised crosswalks and expanded pedestrian spaces. 

“Everything from street design to daylighting our intersections, doubling our efforts from the 1,000 intersection redesigns to over 2,000,” Adams told reporters Thursday morning. 

The mayor also said the NYPD will start including traffic violence in its crime statistics reporting, and the city will make safety improvements to heavy-duty vehicles in its fleet.


“Protecting New Yorkers is my most sacred responsibility as mayor, and that holds true for traffic violence just as much as any other form of violence. Our streets must be safe places for all New Yorkers – pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike,” he said in a written statement. “Today, I’m excited to announce that we are doubling our current pace of intersection safety improvements, because that’s where more than half of all traffic injuries and deaths take place. We’re going to include traffic violence in CompStat, to treat traffic violence like the serious crime that it is. And we’re ensuring that the city leads the way towards a safer future, starting with our own fleet.”

Source: CBS

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