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New Yorkers urged to stay inside or mask up amid



New Yorkers urged to stay inside or mask up


New Yorkers urged to stay inside or mask up


NEW YORK — New Yorkers are urged to stay inside Thursday, as air quality concerns continue due to smoky, haze from the Canadian wildfires.

Health officials say if you have to go out, wear a facemask.

NYS health commissioner shares his advice amid air quality concerns



The Canadian wildfires are causing dangerous air quality levels in New York City — the worst since the 1960s. City leaders call it an environmental and health crisis. 

“I think we’re going to see this go on for another day or two,” New York State Acting Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald told CBS2 on Thursday morning. “If you can stay inside, that’s the best bet. If you do have to go outside — I have my N95 on me, I quite frankly encourage people to have theirs — any mask will do. Use the best mask you can.”

The commissioner added with the air quality index at historic highs, even healthy New Yorkers are at risk. He urged everyone to limit their outdoor exercise until conditions improve.

All outdoor city-sponsored events are canceled Thursday, and the mayor hopes private events will follow suit.

“This is an unprecedented event in our city, and all New Yorkers must take precautions,” Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday.  

New York City’s four zoos remain closed, along with the New York Aquarium. 

Meanwhile, the governor’s office will distribute one million facemasks across the state, including 400,000 in New York City.   

Mask will be handed out at the following locations: 

  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Penn Station
  • Fulton Center
  • Jamaica Station

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of the smoky haze over the city.


Source: CBS


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