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Now officially what everyone suspected: S-Bahn trains in Rhein-Main are becoming less and less punctual



Hofheim – In 2022, the S-Bahn in the Rhine-Main area was less punctual than it had been in years. Only 87.8% of the trains reached their destination on schedule (2020: 94%, 2021: 92%). This means: 12 out of 100 lanes are too late!

Why is it? High levels of illness among train drivers, many track construction sites, delays in long-distance trains that are given priority when passing through.

RMV spokeswoman Vanessa Rehermann: “The rail infrastructure in the Rhine-Main area is very busy, which means that a delay in a train is quickly transferred to other traffic.” Around two-thirds of German long-distance traffic crossed the Rhine-Main area.

According to RMV, there were also more major disruptions than in previous years, such as train derailments, people on the track, emergency medical services and the bridge damage near Rödelheim, which caused many S-Bahn trains to fail for weeks.

During the three months of the 9-euro ticket, the passengers were often the problem, because they blocked the light barriers on the doors and thus delayed departure.

No hope for a quick recovery

But unpunctuality and route chaos do not only affect the S-Bahn in Rhein-Main. The regional trains are often delayed or cancelled. And an improvement is not in sight, at least in the next few months!


During the Hessian Easter holidays (March 31 to April 24), the city tunnel between Frankfurt and Offenbach is to be closed again for track construction work. Otherwise, 1,100 S-Bahn trains rush through here every day. The route to Bad Vilbel will also be completely closed again. Replacement buses, subways and trams will then take commuters to their destinations.

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But many commuters are annoyed, because outside the 9-euro ticket phase, they often pay three-digit amounts for monthly tickets, despite frequent delays and cancellations. But at least as far as the costs are concerned, an improvement is soon in sight: the 49-euro ticket, which is valid nationwide, is scheduled to start on May 1st.

Source: Asia Times

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