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NY Hospital Suing Ex-Morgue Worker for Allegedly Posting Cadaver Pics to Social Media



A New York hospital system is suing a former morgue attendant from Brooklyn for allegedly posting “macabre” pictures and videos of cadavers onto her personal social media accounts.

Northwell Health filed a lawsuit in Nassau County claiming the ex-employee kept posting to her Instagram account after she was fired from Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

According to the lawsuit, Quantaise Sharpton worked at the hospital for about 45 days before staff learned she was filming content in the morgue for her followers.

“In an apparent effort to improve her presence on social media, Sharpton began posting graphic, macabre photos and videos from the morgue of Long Island Jewish Medical Center (“LIJMC”), the Northwell hospital where she worked,” the suit says.

To her nearly 20,000 followers, Sharpton was allegedly posting photos and videos that included amputated body parts, internal organs and a late stillbirth, the hospital claims. The suit claims Sharpton would refer to herself in posts as “#autopsybae,” and used the content to increase her social media following.

Hired back in December and on the job since January, staff reported Sharpton’s alleged online behavior that led to her firing in mid-March. The hospital requested she take down the images taken at the hospital, which the suit says she complied with.


However, Northwell said she continued to post the pictures after her firing. The company is asking for compensatory damages for harming its business and reputation, in addition to taking down the images or erasing her archive.

In her latest post on Instagram, Sharpton said she would no longer post “for reasons I’m not ready to disclose yet.”

“Sorry to everyone who loved the process and was interested in seeing it. It was worth inspiring you guys to go to school for mortician/autopsy work,” a message read.

Source: NBC New York


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