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NY Weather: Despite Unseasonably Warm Days, Snow Comes Before Weekend — See Where



It may be warm for now, but there’s snow in the not-so-distant future.

Expect more unseasonably warm weather to continue through Wednesday with temperatures in the 50s and peaking in the low to mid 60s on Wednesday. Certainly a far cry from typical temperatures for early January.

Along with the warmth, however, comes clouds and pockets of rain moving through the tri-state for much of the rest of the week ahead. Rainfall won’t be heavy, adding up to about a half-inch in the metro area over the course of 3+ days.

Then comes the chance for snow.

Toward the end of the wet and warm stretch, on Friday, we might pick up a little bit of the white stuff in the Hudson Valley and higher elevations north and west as colder air moves in for the weekend. Accumulations will be meager at best, based on what we see now, with less than an inch expected.


By the weekend, skies dry out, the sun returns and temperatures hold closer to 40 degrees, where they should be this time of year.

The weather pattern look clear for much of next week, with temperatures staying in the low to mid 40s — a bit above average, but certainly much more normal for this time of year.

Source: NBC New York

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