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NYC students head back to school, officials announce changes for smoother, safer year



NEW YORK — More than a million students headed back into the classroom Thursday in New York City. 

Mayor Eric Adams, Schools Chancellor David Banks and Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell were in the Bronx, where they spoke about their joint approach for the new school year. 

The mayor broke down the specifics as to how he and his administration plan to not only make this academic year a better one for students and parents, but also a safer one.

“If you were on the subway this morning, they were a little fuller. If you were driving, you saw a lot more traffic in the streets,” Banks said.

Inside the auditorium at Juan Ponce de Leon school, city leaders gathered to discuss what’s different this school year. 

“There will now be a Gifted and Talented development program in every school district in every borough,” the mayor said. “We have put $100 into scholarship accounts for every New York City kindergartener… Meatless Mondays, we are expanding that into Plant-based Fridays.”


In addition to changes for students, officials talked about changes for parents. Such as, a new push alert system that will send emergency updates straight to their cellphones, in an effort to keep mom and dad in the loop. 

“Every parent will be able to sign up for this and get real-time responses on what’s happening in the schools,” said Banks.

Back To School Blueprint: Schools Chancellor David Banks talks with Marcia Kramer


Security is also top of mind. The district is adding 200 school safety agents, with plans to add at least 750 by the end of the academic year. 

“The presence of the school safety agents in schools across this city is paramount, to have that connection. They are part of the police department,” Sewell said.


“Those school safety officers — overwhelmingly women and women of color — they’re more than providing safety. They talk to the children, they nurture them, the identify problems,” Adams added. 

Also touched upon Thursday, getting children to and from school. The MTA is offering free MetroCards to all students in grades K through 12.

Source: CBS

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