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NYPD: 17-year-old fired gun on busy street in Hamilton Heights



NEW YORK — The NYPD says a 17-year-old got hold of a handgun and used it Sunday night in Hamilton Heights.

Surveillance video shows the moment the shooter opened fire on busy Amsterdam Avenue and sent people running.

An ad at the bus shelter is in Spanish and warns about hurricane season. The bullet holes piercing the ad speak of an even more pressing concern for New Yorkers, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported. 

“It’s definitely getting concerning. Being a little more cautious, looking around me all the time,” said Daryl Biteranta. 

Surveillance video shows how gunfire shattered the Sunday night routine. Two figures, including one man wearing a green hoodie, walk past the bus shelter at 145th and Amsterdam. A few moments later, several more figures walk into frame. Suddenly, from halfway down the block, the man in the green hoodie turns and fires at least twice

People scattered for safety. A man innocently waiting for the bus was injured in the leg and limped into a nearby bodega seeking help and safety. 


The NYPD has ShotSpotter technology at the corner. Cops quickly found a handgun discarded near the scene and took a 17-year-old male into custody. 

“Any kind of kid, not even 21, should be not allowed to get a gun. I don’t know how it’s possible, how you’re under the drinking age and you’re able to get a firearm,” Blue Aguirre said. 

Easy access to guns is one concern. Willingness to use them is another. 

“Before there used to be discipline and code of conduct on the street, and there’s none. There’s no discipline, there’s no conduct, there’s nothing but excuses and explanations,” Manny Garcia said. 

Mayor Eric Adams said the work of the NYPD’s neighborhood safety teams is paying off. Shooting incidents citywide have dropped 10 percent so far this year versus the same period last year. 

Hamilton Heights residents hope that continues. They’d like to be able to wait for a bus without worrying about gunfire. 


Source: CBS


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