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‘Outlander’ Star Caitriona Balfe on Where Her Relationship With Sam Heughan Stands Today



Caitriona Balfe, one half of the dynamic duo that fuels Outlander’s soul-stirring romance, is opening up about her long-standing relationship with co-star Sam Heughan. As the hit series approaches its final season, many fans are curious about the real-life friendship behind the on-screen chemistry.

Their camaraderie has captivated audiences and been instrumental in the show’s success. But where do they stand today? Balfe offered a revealing glimpse into a bond that’s withstood the test of time, on and off set.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan developed a strong relationship early in their ‘Outlander’ days

The sweeping romance between Jamie and Claire has significantly contributed to Outlander’s soaring popularity.

Executive producer Maril Davis attributes much of this to the palpable rapport between Heughan and Balfe right from the get-go.

Davis emphasized that getting the casting right for Jamie and Claire was vital, recalling a key conversation with co-producer Ron D. Moore in Scotland.

They knew they were on the right track when they first saw Balfe’s audition material. However, their in-person interaction in Los Angeles solidified their confidence in the duo’s chemistry.


According to Glasgow Live, Davis observed that their connection wasn’t just limited to the screen but was equally discernible off-camera.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, the chemistry was there and they’ve always – and they can speak to this more than I can – but that friendship and that chemistry has always been so evident and they just work so well together, and you see it on the screen and you see it in real life and that relationship,” Davis shared.

Davis hoped the actors’ friendship would endure throughout the show. With the series heading into its final season, Heughan and Balfe’s friendship is stronger than ever.

The relationship between these ‘Outlander’ stars has only gotten better over the years

Davis highlighted that the bond between Balfe and Heughan has remained steadfast and perhaps even strengthened as the show moves toward its final chapters.

The Outlander EP admired the duo, pointing out that their unique experience and steadfast friendship have been pillars of the show’s dynamics.

Balfe, also present at the event, shared that she and Sam had made a deliberate decision early on to support each other unconditionally. She noted that while they’ve had moments of disagreement, the underlying friendship has always prevailed.


“Weirdly, like we’ve never had a falling out. We’ve definitely irked each other. I think it was a very conscious decision in the beginning,” Balfe stated.

According to those familiar with them, the actors have compatible personalities and share a serious commitment to their craft. They’re well-prepared but also know how to keep things light on set.

Balfe rounded off by saying that, despite busy schedules, the foundation of their friendship has remained unwavering.

A closer look at Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s recent public appearances

Over the years, Heughan and Balfe have made numerous public appearances to drum up excitement for upcoming Outlander seasons.

In March 2022, they graced the red carpet at North Hollywood’s Wolf Theater, in celebration of the show’s sixth season premiere.

Fast-forward to June, and the duo appeared arm in arm at the New York City premiere for the show’s seventh season. On that occasion, they also struck poses with the rest of the cast prior to the film showing.


For the event, Heughan sported a sophisticated, monochromatic black suit, while Balfe opted for a chic black dress, accentuating her ensemble with a deep red velvet handbag.

After the premiere, People reported that Heughan shared his enthusiasm about returning to the show. The Outlander star said they were delighted to continue the saga.

“We’re happy to be back,” Heughan stated. “[Last season] was great and we’re building on that. Jamie is alive and on a mission to find [Claire]. That’s where we pick up.”

Source: Cheat Sheet


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