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‘Outlast’: Angie Reveals She Injured Her Knee Day 2, ‘I’m Still Having Issues’



It looked like Netflix’s Outlast cast was in great shape on day one. However, that changed the longer they stayed in the survival game. Angie Kenai revealed almost the whole time, she was competing with a hurt knee. 

‘Outlast’ producers pulled Angie Kenai from the game

Kenai started on Camp Charlie (a.k.a Camp Bear Tooth) with Nick Radner, Seth Lueker, and Andrea Hilderbrand. She noticed early that she might encounter problems with Radner, a wrestling coach.

“I’m not just some female that’s here to bow out when I’ve had enough,” Kenai said in the first episode. “You know, I’m here for the long run, and I hope he sees that.”

Tensions came to an all-time high when each team had to go to an island on a raft to get crab traps. Kenai volunteered to get on the raft since she was the lightest, but Radner believed she couldn’t do it. 

In the end, Lueker trusted her for the mission. She found the current and got off the raft in time to reach the island. Kenai returned with three traps.

On day 24, things took a turn for the worst. Kenai was experiencing pain because she hasn’t had a bowel movement. Producer pulled her from the game to get treatment.


Angie reveals she injured her knee on day 2 of ‘Outlast’

There were multiple medical issues that cut people’s time short in the game. Kenai revealed before her exit she was already competing with an injury. On Between The Horns podcast, she talked about staying positive while doing the raft race with Paul Preece, Radner, and Lueker.

“In my head, I wasn’t gonna let any bad thoughts come in because the moment that happens you’re losing to yourself, and it’s a losing battle,” she said. “I had to stay positive the whole way because I told you guys I can do it.”

“And that was right after my knee injury, too,” she later added. Preece, who originally was on Camp Delta, asked if it was a meniscus tear, but Lueker said it was never confirmed.

“I’m still having issues with my knee. It was pretty bad,” Kenai said. The vacation planner thinks she missed a step while looking for food, and her knee began bothering her on day two. Once she lifted wood for the shelter she noticed it was hurting just to lift her leg.

“I mean that’s a testament to how tough this girl is,” Preece said. Kenai had multiple hurdles during her time on the show. But it looks like she’s anxious to return to the cold state.

Angie wants to go back to Alaska

Kenai posted a picture of herself by a glacier on Instagram. “I definitely miss my time in Alaska and plan on going back one day,” she captioned it. “From the bears to the fish to the glaciers, everything has a purpose out there, and I’m so fortunate to have been able to experience it all with amazing people.”


She also revealed on the podcast that she stayed in Alaska after filming the reality TV show and worked at a fish processing plant for some time.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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