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‘Outlast’: Javier Claims Amber Lied About Their Buoy Fight



It’s not surprising that Amber Asay told her version of events to angry fans after Outlast was released. Viewers of the Netflix show saw her try to take buoys off Javier Colón’s raft, yelling they were hers. 

Asay claimed she gave those buoys as part of their alliance. But Colón tells a different story.

Javier accuses Amber of lying about their buoy fight

The cyclist posted a video of his face close to the camera at night on Instagram. “OUTLAST… March 10th on Netflix People were going crazy in those woods…” he captioned the post. 

“Javier. Amber says that in the scene where she’s ‘stealing’ the buoys from your raft – those were actually her buoys that she made that they were taking back because you broke the alliance. Is this true?” a commenter asked.

“That’s a complete and total lie. You could ask Justin @jcourt003_” he replied. “ I even have the contact details of the bear guards that followed us around for safety and witnessed the entire thing. I found a enormous fishing net buried under a lot of dirt and leaves along the shoreline when Brian and I were walking towards the crab pot island… I cut off lots of the net and took dozens of those buoys.” 

“When I walked back past Alpha Camp… I willingly told them about the net and suggested that they go grab some of the buoys for their raft,” he continued.  “I shared information like that because those materials weren’t going to help them win if they didn’t know what to do with them. I wasn’t threatened by Alpha Camp sharing the net with Bravo. It turned out that the net was the property of a local Native guy and production had to buy him a new net because Justin and I destroyed it.” 


“We were told we could use anything that we found out there… and I thought it was an abandoned net,” Colón explained, “But Amber is a liar and she definitely robbed me. We never had an alliance. ‘Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.’ That was our strategy with Jill and Amber.” 

Javier said he told Jill and Amber they could walk to get their crab traps

Amber Asay holds a crab by a river with Jill Ashock and Justin Court on 'Outlast'.

An episode showed Ashock and Asay walking during low tide for their crab traps. But we never saw what led up to that. Colón claimed he gave them a tip to walk.

“Another thing that you didn’t see in the show… Is I discovered that there was a land bridge at low tide to the island where the crab pots were,” he continued in his reply. “I could tell by the way the shoreline was that it connected at low tide.” 

“That’s why we walked to the island,” he continued. “It was completely unnecessary to risk Brian falling in the river and getting wet. But it was getting dark and we had to return to camp… So after Brian was unable to get to the island by raft… We were forced to return to camp. I told Jill and Amber that they could walk to the island if they got up super early during low tide.”

It looks like Asay and Colón still don’t see eye to eye. But that’s not surprising since that heated buoy fight was very emotional.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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