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Paul McCartney Thought Up The Beatles’ ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ Sitting by John Lennon’s Pool




Paul McCartney liked The Beatles’ “Here, There and Everywhere” from the start. It was not as popular as a country cover in the United States.

Paul McCartney didn’t think he was self-aggrandizing by thinking his work on The Beatles’ “Here, There and Everywhere” was incredible. He discussed the milieu he wrote the song in. Notably, The Beatles’ “Here, There and Everywhere” was not as popular as a country cover in the United States.

Paul McCartney has a high opinion of The Beatles’ ‘Here, There and Everywhere’

During a 2009 interview with Clash, Paul recalled the origin of “Here, There and Everywhere.” He remembered liking it from the beginning. Paul didn’t think he was being immodest by feeling he was on a roll when he penned that song. He went on to cite “Here, There and Everywhere” as a personal favorite. Considering he’s the same guy who wrote “Yesterday,” “Let It Be,” and “Band on the Run,” that’s an incredible compliment!

“I was sitting by the pool out in Weybridge where he used to live, at a house called Kenwood,” he said. “I had my guitar for the writing session and I just started playing around and got this idea of, ‘Here [sings melody].’ Second verse: ‘There [sings melody].’ ‘Everywhere.’”


Paul McCartney said John Lennon helped him finish ‘Here, There and Everywhere’

Paul explained John’s contributions to the track. “I sort of got the structure of it, and then he got up, he got his cup of coffee, and we set to actually working on it and completing it,” he said. “That was a nice one for me, cos I liked the structure of it and the melody and I thought it worked.

“I suppose what else I liked was I remember being on a skiing holiday,” he added. “Well, it wasn’t actually, it was when we were doing Help! It was a skiing thing in Austria. I remember John and I sharing a room, and we played that album.” Even though Paul loved the tune, he couldn’t remember if it was from Revolver or Rubber Soul!

The Beatles’ original wasn’t as popular as a cover by a 1960s country star

“Here, There and Everywhere” was never a single, so it did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The tune’s parent album, Revolver, was a huge hit. That record reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for six weeks, staying on the chart for 94 weeks. Revolver remains one of The Beatles’ most prominent albums in the United States.

Country star Emmylou Harris covered “Here, There and Everywhere” for her third album, Elite Hotel. The cover climbed to No. 65 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for five weeks. It might surprise fans to know her version was bigger than The Beatles! It was one of only four of Harris’ recordings to hit the Billboard Hot 100. While she’s a legend in her genre, Harris didn’t really cross over into the pop market. Elite Hotel peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard 200 and stayed on the chart for 23 weeks.

“Here, There and Everywhere” doesn’t sound like summer music but it might not exist without John’s pool.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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