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‘Perfect Match’: Ines Tazi Says Francesca Farago Has a ‘Heart of Gold’



Perfect Match stars Francesca Farago and Ines Tazi both expressed interest in fellow contestant Dom Gabriel on the Netflix dating competition show. Still, they managed to remain friends, even after filming ended. Here’s what Tazi said about Farago’s “heart of gold,” where the reality TV stars stand today, and how they feel about Gabriel now.

[Spoiler alert: Perfect Match season 1 spoilers ahead.]

Francesca Farago and Ines Tazi both connected with Dom Gabriel on ‘Perfect Match’ 

Netflix’s Perfect Match sent a group of singles from various reality shows to live together in a mansion in Panama. The contestants had to couple up to avoid getting eliminated by the end of the night. At the end of the season, all contestants voted on the couple they thought was the perfect match.

Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago matched with The Mole star Dom Gabriel on the first night. After winning a compatibility challenge, Farago and Gabriel were given the power to choose dates for the other contestants. Farago sent herself on a date with Damian Powers and broke things off with Gabriel to pursue a match with the Love Is Blind star.

Things got awkward when Farago’s friend, Georgia Hassarati, matched with Gabriel, allowing him to stay in the house. Later in the season, The Circle: France star Ines Tazi approached Gabriel to confess her feelings for him. 


Ines Tazi said Francesca Farago has a ‘heart of gold’

Despite their shared interest in Dom Gabriel, Francesca Farago and Ines Tazi stayed friends during and after the show.

On March 23, Farago shared an Instagram post showing pictures of a night out with other Perfect Match stars. She wore a silver metallic top and a form-fitting black skirt. Ines Tazi was prominently featured in many of the images.

“@dungeonsanddragonsmovie the other day [white heart emoji],” she captioned the photo carousel. “Loved seeing all my perfect match cuties[white heart emoji] more pics to come [family emoji].”

Tazi commented, “The silver lady with a heart of gold,” adding three white heart emojis and a crying smiling emoji.

There is no bad blood between the ‘Perfect Match’ stars

Francesca Farago, Ines Tazi, and Dom Gabriel fielded the complexities of the Perfect Match house, and all three of them remain close friends to this day.

Tazi said her connection with Gabriel was the strongest bond to come out of the Netflix show. “That’s the strongest match that happened in the house,” she told Vulture. “It just didn’t end up being a romantic one.”

Although she didn’t walk away from the show with a romantic partner, Tazi is thrilled with the friends she made. “I met friends for a lifetime,” she said, adding, “I was really friends with Francesca.”

Farago clearly has no hard feelings toward Tazi, based on her Instagram post. She also stayed close to Gabriel after the show – they spent Valentine’s Day together at Disneyland with Farago’s new boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan. 


Source: Cheat Sheet

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