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‘Perfect Match’ Star Bartise Bowden Spotted Kissing Woman, and It’s Not Izzy Fairthorne



Perfect Match premiered on Netflix on the oh-so-appropriate Valentine’s Day, and former reality TV stars from shows like Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and more compete in compatibility challenges to find love. However, it looks like the experiment failed for Bartise Bowden. Here’s what we know.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding Perfect Match Episodes 1-12.]

Bartise coupled with a few different women during ‘Perfect Match’

Bartise arrived later in the season of Perfect Match when Francesca Farago and Dom Gabriel won a trip to the boardroom and decided to pair Ines Tazi up with Bartise. Ines and Bartise didn’t really feel a spark.

Anne-Sophie Petit Frere and Chase Demoor previously brought Izzy Fairthorne to go on a date with Nick Uhlenhuth. Their match fizzled, and Izzy matched with Shayne Jansen for one night. However, after Bartise and Ine’s connection didn’t pan out, he decided to shake things up with Izzy. That worked for a while, but Bartise also wanted a chance to explore a relationship with Abbey Humphreys from twentysomethings. Ultimately, Bartise and Izzy made their way back to one another and, in the finale, said they might plan a visit for Bartise to England, where Izzy lives.

Bartise spotted kissing another woman in Dallas

Despite ending Perfect Match with Izzy, it appears as though the two went their separate ways after filming. To be fair, they live in separate countries, making for a very long-distance relationship. However, a fan recently spotted Bartise kissing a brunette in Dallas, Texas, where Bartise lives.

In the TikTok, a woman with dark hair wearing a cream-colored dress throws her arms around Bartise, laughing. She kisses him, and while he does kiss her back, he keeps his hands firmly placed in his pockets the entire time.

The TikTok user, who goes by the username @RealityAshley, superimposed some text over the video reading, “Bartise sighting… Maybe she hasn’t seen Perfect Match yet,” followed by a string of emojis.


During Love Is Blind Season 3, Bartise received plenty of hate for the way he treated his then-fianceé, Nancy Rodriguez. Several fans were disappointed to learn Bartise was returning in Perfect Match, and they continue to poke fun at his name and his attitude.

If you ever peruse the Perfect Match subreddit or any of Bartise’s social media, you’ve likely noticed the different ways people refer to him. From Barstool to Barista, fans created a running joke out of his name – a joke he himself has laughed about in the past.

Now, after his time on Perfect Match, Bartise continues to receive a fair amount of backlash from viewers.

One Redditor enjoyed what they believed to be a bit of an ego check for the former Love Is Blind star. “Any one else notice every single time an amazing-looking guy walked in – CLEARLY way WAY better looking than Bartise – you could literally see his ego deflate! Suddenly Bartise found himself not-so-good looking in the Perfect Match world vs LIB. Finally, FINALLY a reality check for him! And I’m so here for it!!!” they wrote.

Another viewer wondered if Perfect Match served as a way for Bartise to repair his ego, “Does anyone think he’s going into Perfect Match with the intention to repair his image? Like major MAJOR damage control action? I mean, seeing him in the new LIB episodes, he clearly hasn’t changed. And he demonstrated zero self-awareness, especially in his scenes with Nancy.”

Love him or hate him, Netflix continues to cast him in their shows. Check out the entire season of Perfect Match, currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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