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Police and authorities warn: storm surge on the Elbe and North Sea coast



Stormy weather stirs up the north!

Meteorologists warn of a storm surge on the North Sea coast and in the Elbe area of ​​Hamburg. Around 1 p.m. gusts of wind with wind speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour (wind force 9) are expected, inland there can be gusts of wind around 55 km/h. In exposed locations, such as on the North Sea islands, severe gusts of wind of magnitude 10 are also possible. The wind should only slowly decrease on Thursday night.

The police and authorities are asking people to avoid areas near the Elbe and not to stay in lower-lying areas such as the port and fish market. It is important to take vehicles away from there and to secure buildings near the Elbe.

As the Hamburg authorities announced on Wednesday morning, the high water in the morning and at noon on the East Frisian coast and in the Weser area will be three quarters to one meter higher than normal.

On the North Frisian coast, the experts expect water levels to be one to 1.5 meters higher. In the Hamburg Elbe area, the tide can be about 1.5 meters higher than the average high tide, it said.

Already on Tuesday evening, the fire brigade had to be called out more than 20 times due to the stormy weather with thunderstorms.


Due to a lightning strike in the city park, heavy branches fell on six parked and one moving car.

Strong wind and gusts of wind expected in Lower Saxony and Bremen

Hanover/Bremen – According to forecasts by the German Weather Service (DWD), wind gusts of up to 55 kilometers per hour are expected inland. During the day there can also be gusts of wind with up to 80 kilometers per hour in some areas.

At the sea and on the North Sea islands there should be heavy gusts of wind around 95 kilometers per hour. There are occasional thunderstorms.

In the Upper Harz, the German Weather Service (DWD) expects light snowfall from 600 meters with up to five centimeters of fresh snow. (dpa/nat)

Source: Asia Times


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