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Police and customs: major inspection on Autobahn 1 near Sittensen



Sittensen (Lower Saxony) – The aim of the large-scale police and customs control was to uncover human trafficking, smuggling, drug smuggling and theft!

During a crime-fighting priority check, officials checked around 130 cars, vans and buses on Autobahn 1 on Wednesday.

During the action at a service area near Sittensen (Rotenburg district), drugs were found in several vehicles and confiscated. Ten drivers were not allowed to continue driving – among other things because they were intoxicated or did not have a valid driver’s license or technical defects in their vehicle.

▶ A blank gun was seized from a man for which he did not have a permit.

▶ In addition, ten people were discovered, some of whom were suspected of being in Germany illegally.

Around 130 cars, vans and buses were checked


Photo: Police

▶ Another man had to pay 700 euros from old conditions to avoid going to jail.

The Rotenburg police said several coaches with a total of 282 occupants were also stopped on the Autobahn towards Hamburg.

The Rotenburg (Wümme) police, neighboring police stations, the Rotenburg immigration authorities and the main customs offices in Bremen and Hamburg were involved in the control. (swim)

The action was carried out jointly by the police and customs

The action was carried out jointly by the police and customs

Photo: Police

Source: Asia Times


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