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Police seek suspects in 2 deadly overdoses, robberies in Manhattan



NEW YORK — Two men are facing charges in connection with the deaths of two men who were drugged and robbed in Hell’s Kitchen.

“I’m feeling that we are moving in the right direction,” Linda Clary said.

Relief is what Clary says she’s feeling. A Manhattan grand jury has indicted at least two men in connection with two separate deaths, including the death of her son, 33-year-old John Umberger.

“This is just one step in the process because we really want to make sure these people don’t hurt anyone else, and they’ve hurt too many people already,” Clary said. 

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Police say Umberger was found dead in an Upper East Side apartment in June, and he was last seen leaving a Hell’s Kitchen nightclub with three unidentified men.


In April 2022, 25-year-old Julio Ramirez was found dead in the back of a taxi after a night at another Hell’s Kitchen bar.

Investigators believe they were drugged in separate robbery attempts, and now police are searching for the two suspects facing charges in connection to their deaths.

“I know that no one is safe until these people are off the streets, and that I know for sure,” Clary said.

CBS2 reported earlier in March that the medical examiner determined both deaths were homicides, and that police are investigating a string of similar incidents in which thieves drug people in Manhattan bars and rob them.

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“They are drugging people and taking advantage of people who are already very intoxicated or under the influence, and they’re gaining access to their electronic banking accounts,” City Councilman Erik Bottcher said earlier in March.

Police are looking into whether these two men facing charges are connected to any other robberies or crimes, in Hell’s Kitchen or anywhere else. Officials have not released their names.


Sources tell CBS2 more indictments are expected.

Source: CBS


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