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Prince George Looks up to ‘Super-Popular, Confident and Playful’ Cousin: ‘Perfect Blend of Mentor and Playmate’




  • A body language expert says Savannah Phillips brings the ‘fun factor’ to royal life for Prince George.
  • Prince George’s body language around his cousin hints at “hero-worship.” 
  • Savannah Phillips also watches over the younger children in the royal family. 

Prince George is the future of the royal family. But it’s someone much further down the line of succession who is his “mentor and playmate.” A body language expert says Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 9-year-old son can count on his cousin, Savannah Phillips, for the “fun factor.” 

Savannah Phillips ‘ensures’ the ‘fun factor’ is there as Prince George 

According to body language expert Judi James, Phillips brings “fun” to George amid the “pressure” of being a future king. 

“As heir to the throne George is under the most pressure of all the queen’s great-grandchildren to learn and perform the etiquette and protocol of public royal events,” James said (via Express). “And with his parents and even his sister [Princess] Charlotte on hand to provide coaching and the odd nudge he is quickly growing into his role.”

“There is one royal though who seems able to ensure the fun factor is still present and that he is enjoying himself as he learns to cope,” she continued. And that’s Phillips, “the oldest of her generation of royal children.”

George’s body language suggests Savannah ‘hero worship’

Prince George, whom a body language expert looks up to his cousin, Savannah Phillips, sits with Princess Charlotte and Savannah Phillips

According to James, George’s body language indicates he looks up to his “super-popular, confident, and playful” cousin. “George’s body language when he is with her suggests a certain amount of hero-worship from him for her ability to make him grin,” she said. 

The oldest child of Autumn Kelly and Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips, the 12-year-old isn’t bothered by George’s royal status. As a result, per James, it’s led to a more normal childhood relationship between the two. 

“Savannah clearly has no sense of royal hierarchy when it comes to George,” James said, recalling how Phillips “was once seen pushing the future king down a grassy hill at polo.”


She is the “perfect blend of mentor and playmate,” the expert added. 

Savannah Phillips also keeps a ‘more grown-up eye’ on Prince George and the rest of the younger royals

Prince George, whom a body language expert looks up to his cousin, Savannah Phillips, stands next to Savannah Phillips

Not only does Phillips entertain George she also watches over her younger cousins. One moment she might look like the “naughty one” then switch to a “more grown-up” role. 

“Savannah’s body language might make her look like the naughty one in the family but she is also adept at keeping a more grown-up eye on the littler royals,” James said. She tells them “when they get too boisterous” but at the same time, she plays “with them to stop them from getting bored.

For instance, “she playfully shushed George on her first appearance on the royal balcony.” At a royal wedding, “she had him entranced with her pretend trumpet-playing at a royal wedding.” 

Then in June 2022, during the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, she “sat behind George, Louis and Charlotte, ensuring they all joined in the fun with all Princess Anne’s grandchildren in the seats behind.”

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