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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Can ‘Reframe the Narrative’ if They Attend Coronation, Show ‘Humility,’ PR Expert Says



A PR expert shared his thoughts on how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can create a “new narrative” for themselves if they attend King Charles’ coronation and approach it with “humility.”

PR expert believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle coronation attendance could work in their favor

Jordan James, CEO of Unlocked PR, told Express how the Sussexes’ attendance could improve people’s perception of them.

“Harry and Meghan have been criticized for feigning the want for privacy whilst jumping on opportunities for exposure,” James said.

The PR expert continued, “There’s an argument that if they were to attend the coronation they should be mindful of this perception and keep a low profile.”

If Prince Harry and Meghan approach the event with King Charles as the focus, it could work in their favor, according to James. “It’s a period of celebration for the country, for the Commonwealth and for the family,” he said.

James added, “Approaching the day with humility will remind nay sayers that Harry and Meghan are very much part of the family, Britain and the Commonwealth as a whole and this could be the start of the new narrative for the couple as we bring in a new era.”


Another PR expert says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can ‘reframe the narrative’ by attending

Olivia Arnold, of Public Status PR, also believes the coronation could be an opportunity for Prince Harry and Meghan.

“Since the South Park episode of them being made fun of, they said they wanted privacy but are still engaging with the media,” she told Express. “And the coronation is a great chance to reframe the narrative.”

Arnold continued, “Harry and Meghan can drip feed their own story and how they would like to be portrayed. If they hash out the revelations, there might be more controversy.”

The event provides Harry and Meghan with a chance to show a “united family front,” Arnold explained, with the Sussexes showing that “no matter their differences, they still support each other, especially for [a] milestone of Charles being crowned.”

The expert added, “At the moment, the public sees them as a feuding family and there’s a lot of backlash against Meghan. During an extremely public event, they have the opportunity to control their image.”


Expert says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend the coronation to stay relevant

Royal columnist Louise Roberts spoke with Sky News Australia’s The Royal Report about whether Prince Harry and Meghan will attend the coronation. According to the expert, she believes they need to go in order to stay relevant.

“It’s a simple equation for the Sussexes,” Roberts said. “Their value is their proximity to the royal family so by making sure the children have titles, they still have that link for the institution, which of course, they loathe and detest and has crippled them throughout their entire marriage.”

Roberts noted, “So it’s another dose of hypocrisy from them.”

She continued, “They are only relevant if they have currency with the royal family because those broadcasters and those publishers and that sort of coterie of wealthy friends they’re trying to keep on their side won’t hang around for long if that is broken.”

Roberts added, “They’re becoming increasingly more outrageous in their claims as well. Who knows what they’ll say after they leave the UK and go back to America after the coronation. But the problem is that anyone who could be close to them, for example, William and Kate, won’t tell them anything.”

Source: Cheat Sheet


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