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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ‘Flirtiest’ Moment, According to a Body Language Expert: ‘Hard to Beat’



Prince William and Kate Middleton may have launched a “new era” of PDA upon becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales, yet their “flirtiest” moment happened as newlyweds. What an expert said about William and Kate’s “sizzling” interaction and the “sweet blushes” that followed. 

William and Kate’s ‘flirtiest’ moment happened on a 2011 American tour stop in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, 2011. That’s when, according to body language expert Judi James, the Prince and Princess of Wales arguably had their “flirtiest” moment. 

Following their royal wedding on April 29 of that year, William and Kate embarked on a 12-day North American tour. It marked their first as a married couple and the then-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

Part of the tour included a stop in LA, where, on July 11, 2011, William and Kate tried their hand at pottery-making while visiting children at a ceramics studio. 

“For actual and very mutual flirt signals, it’s hard to beat the couple’s rather sizzling displays during their North American tour in 2011,” James told Express after noting the now-parents of three “have used several gestures and poses of authentic attraction and passion throughout their relationship” in “undiluted” displays of emotion. 

William flashed 1 of his ‘naughtiest, sexiest smiles ever’ at Kate during a pottery class 

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who had their 'flirtiest' moment in 2011, according to a body language expert, paint

During said pottery class is where William and Kate’s so-called “flirtiest” moment happened, according to James. They stood close to each other and, as the body language expert said, what followed was “sizzling.” 

“William stepped up close and personal behind his wife, possibly to tie her apron, with the proximity prompting him to produce one of his naughtiest, sexiest smiles ever,” James said. 


The flirting continued with Kate’s reaction. “Kate seemed to be trying to study some hand prints,” James said. “But whether William whispered something or whether it was just recognising [sic] the moment of sudden and cheeky proximity, her equally flirty smile is a subliminal gesture of flirting even though they can’t see one another’s facial expressions at this point, making the attraction signals even more powerful.”

William and Kate had another flirty moment during the same pottery class 

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who had their 'flirtiest' moment in 2011, according to a body language expert, stand with their hands on top of each other's.

The now-Prince and Princess of Wales’ “flirty” exchanges didn’t end there. James pointed out how they also “playfully” interacted over clay handprints. 

“Even when Kate went to create her palm print William was playfully close here, pressing her hand down and clearly enjoying the opportunity to touch,” the expert said.

“It might not quite have been akin to that iconic moment at the potter’s wheel in Ghost,” James continued, referencing the 1990 film starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. “But in royal terms, it was worthy of producing a few sweet blushes from Kate and the people watching.”

As for more recent examples of William and Kate getting flirtatious, they engaged in a playful butt pat on the 2023 BAFTAs red carpet in what’s perhaps their most memorable PDA of the year thus far. 

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