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Prince William and Prince Harry’s Feud Thickens as Claims of William Being ‘Envious’ of His Brother Surface



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Prince William and Prince Harry were fairly close growing up, but in recent years, the two men have grown apart. And now, rumors surface that William is ‘envious’ of his brother.

Prince William and Prince Harry have not had a close relationship in years. And while the two brothers always shared plenty of common ground, they have reportedly always been different. William knew from a young age that he was destined to be the future king. Harry, on the other hand, always felt like he was the “spare” in the family — hence the name of his bombshell memoir.

While people might think it was Harry who was always jealous of his big brother, recent claims suggest the opposite — and that William has always been “envious” of his brother’s ability to leave the family.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William is ‘envious’ of Prince Harry — but doesn’t feel trapped

Harry has something that William never will: Freedom. Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped back from their working royal roles back in 2020, and they have since settled down and begun living a new life in Montecito, California. They’re raising their two children away from the royal limelight and have the freedom to build any business or brand they choose for themselves. And while William might not necessarily feel “trapped” in his royal role, he reportedly has always been a bit jealous of Harry’s ability to disappear.

“A source close to William told me that the heir feels ‘far from [trapped] in any system,’” wrote royal expert Omid Scobie in his new book, “Endgame,” according to Express. “But we do know that there are persisting reports that William has been — and always will be — envious of Harry’s freedom to ‘break away’ from the royal establishment.”


Despite that William might be “envious” of the idea that Harry has more freedom than him, he reportedly doesn’t want to disassociate from the royal family. “A source within [William’s] team at Kensington Palace says that, as an adult in his forties, the former Duke of Cambridge has ‘fully embraced the path that he’s on,’” Scobie writes.

Prince William is looking toward becoming king

Sure, the future king might occasionally wish he could press pause on his royal life at any given time, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t taking his role seriously. William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have been working hard to establish themselves as the future of the monarchy, with William traveling globally quite a bit in order to put his name out there and build connections the royals didn’t previously have.

William and Kate are also working parents, and despite the excitement about the monarchy, they’re more focused on raising their three kids. In some ways, it might give them a sense of normalcy to know they can parent Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis well-outside of the spotlight without the public thinking anything of it. William and Kate moved their family out of Kensington Palace to give the kids more privacy, but it might have also given them some peace, too. While some days might feel long, William reportedly doesn’t wish it any other way; he’s excited to be the future King of the United Kingdom.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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