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Quentin Tarantino Once Shared He Developed a Huge Crush on This ‘40-Year-Old-Virgin’ Star



Even Quentin Tarantino has had his fair share of celebrity crushes. But there’s one 40-Year-Old Virgin actor who the filmmaker once confided he’d had his eye on for a while.

The ‘40 Year-Old-Virgin’ star Quentin Tarantino has a huge crush on

Tarantino has been very open about his feelings towards certain leading ladies. He’s often gushed about how attractive he finds his frequent collaborator Uma Thurman, for instance. In a resurfaced interview with Time, Tarantino believed that there were few actors who could compare with his Kill Bill star.

“People talk about beautiful actresses,” Tarantino said. “Like Cameron Diaz, she’s a beautiful girl. But I went to high school with three girls who look like Cameron Diaz. Uma Thurman is a different species. She’s up there with Garbo and Dietrich in goddess territory.”

Likewise, when Elle asked him in 2009 what famous actor he’d marry if his life depended on it, Thurman was his only choice.

“I don’t know what she’d think about that, but it’s my life that’s at stake in this question,” he said.

Tarantino’s attraction towards Thurman may have been based on more than just looks, however. The Oscar-winner revealed his celebrity crushes usually met a unique criteria.


“To me, talent is sexy. So a girl—as far as Hollywood or the public is concerned—might be thought to have a weight problem, but if she’s talented and cool, that can be very, very sexy,” he said.

One of those celebrities was Steve Carrell’s love interest in the acclaimed comedy 40 Year-Old-Virgin.

“A gal I have a movie-star crush on because she’s so cool and talented: Catherine Keener,” he revealed.

Quentin Tarantino has yet to work with this female actor even though he believes she’s one of the best that’s ever lived

Although Tarantino may have had a crush on Keener, the filmmaker and the actor haven’t ever collaborated on a project. But Keener isn’t the only female actor Tarantino has admired, but has also yet to work with.

After losing out on the opportunity to direct Casino Royale, Tarantino had his sights set on making his own spy films. He was interesting in making movie adaptations of the Len Deighton spy novels, which focused on MI6 agent Bernard Samson. This would’ve given Tarantino the luxury of filming in England.

“I love England. It would be a wonderful life experience to have an excuse to work here for six or nine months,” Tarantino once said according to The Indian Express.


One of the actors Tarantino was looking forward to collaborating with in this hypothetical spy trilogy was the Titanic megastar.

“What is attractive is the really great characters and the wonderful opportunities of British and German casting,” Tarantino said. “I think Kate Winslet is one of the best actresses that ever lived, so I would be honored to work with her.”

Quentin Tarantino thinks it’s necessary to adore his leading ladies to some degree

Tarantino movies are known for their strong female leads. In addition to Kill Bill, he’s written and cast a wide range of female actors in films like Jackie Brown and Inglourious Basterds. But if there’s one emotion he feels he must have with his leading ladies, it’s passion.

“If someone’s playing my character, I have to be in love with her to some degree. It’s not so much about lust, but I have to adore her,” he explained.

Still, Tarantino clarified that this didn’t mean he wanted to make love with his leading ladies.

“I don’t know if sex is the right word,” Tarantino said.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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