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Ratingen: Gafferin films accident victims – police crack down



Ratingen – Due to the reopening of a “Marktkauf” supermarket in Ratingen-Mitte, there were sometimes chaotic traffic situations on Thursday – and an accident in which a gaffer attracted attention with particularly disgusting behavior. The police reacted immediately, and the woman faces severe punishment.

What happened?

At around 9:50 a.m., the police were called to Lise-Meitner-Strasse. There, a woman (53) was hit by a turning car at the entrance to the supermarket car park and thrown to the ground. Officials were at the scene of the accident before the rescue workers and immediately began administering first aid.

“The crew of a second patrol car then found that an uninvolved passer-by filmed the relief efforts and the 53-year-old lying on the ground with her smartphone,” the police reported on Friday.

They checked the recordings, the result: the gaffer (50) had zoomed in on the accident victim in particular and recorded their helpless situation in detail. The smartphone has been secured as evidence and proceedings have been initiated against the woman from Ratingen. There is a risk of a high fine, according to the police even a prison sentence of up to two years is possible.


The victim of the accident was taken to the hospital, but fortunately, according to the police, she was not seriously injured.

Source: Asia Times

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