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‘RHONJ’ Former Producer Carlos King Predicts Season 13 Is Melissa and Joe Gorga’s Last



Could The Real Housewives of New Jersey experience a major cast turnover after this season? Former RHONJ producer Carlos King believes that season 13 will be Melissa Gorga’s last now that sister-in-law Teresa Giudice doesn’t want to film with her.

King said Bravo will always choose Giudice over Gorga, which likely means Gorga will be missing from the RHONJ Season 14 roster.

Why are Joe and Melissa Gorga ‘done’ after ‘RHONJ’ Season 13

King doesn’t see a path forward between Gorga and Giudice. “Teresa has said on my podcast and everywhere I am done with the Gorgas,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “I’m done with my brother, I’m done with Melissa. I will never speak to them again. If Teresa still feels that way. I don’t see a world to where Melissa and Joe can come back from that.”

“You need Teresa,” he added. “Teresa is in this interesting position that I’ve never seen before. Because Teresa has been Queen Bee, Miss Congeniality, a villain, all those things. And she has stood above ground. Melissa has always tried to come across as America’s sweetheart. And because Teresa gives a lot to the show that Melissa can’t even imagine giving 10% of that, they’re gonna choose Teresa over Melissa any day of the week.”

Melissa told Carlos King she knows she’s ‘done’

King didn’t mince words when it came to how he predicted Gorga’s future on the show after RHONJ Season 13. “She’s done,” he said about Gorga. “I know her personally. She was calm, she was like, I’m just done. And when she said it to me on my podcast, I was like, oh, I believe you. You’re done.”


“The reason why she really is done is two reasons,” he explained. “I don’t know the Gorgas, but I have common sense. And I do feel like the Gorgas would have done anything to make a good show at Teresa’s expense. I do believe that. Teresa doesn’t watch the show.”

“She does not watch the episodes,” he asserted. “When Teresa is done filming, she goes back to her life. She doesn’t do a lot of press unless it’s too leading up to the premiere. She wakes up, cooks for the kids, picks them up from school, and goes to every dance recital. She’s a mom and doesn’t watch the show.”

Can Teresa and Melissa have a relationship after ‘RHONJ’ Season 13?

While Giudice doesn’t actively watch the show, she has viewed previous seasons and told King she was shocked by brother Joe Gorga’s confessionals.

“She said to me, Carlos, I started watching old episodes and I saw what my brother said about me,” he shared. “So it was confirmation to her that, and she said this to me, if I would have known then what they were saying about me, I would have never continued on filming with them. She’s done.”

King added that he doesn’t think Giudice and Gorga can repair their relationship even off camera. “I think Teresa’s done,” he admitted. “I don’t see them ever having a relationship. That’s sad because that’s her only family, but she is building her own family with Louis and his children and the blended family. So kudos to Teresa for finally finding love and finding a family that respects her.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on Tuesday night at 9 pm ET on Bravo.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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