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Roger Stone thanks Elon Musk for reinstating him on Twitter after 2017 ban



Roger Stone, the infamous Republican political consultant and Trump ally, appears to have had his Twitter account reinstated, after the social network banned him in 2017 for threatening CNN news anchors.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Mr Stone thanked Elon Musk.

“I am gratified for the reinstatement of my account on Twitter and am grateful to Elon Musk for his commitment to fairness and free speech,” the self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” wrote. “God bless America and thank you, Jesus.”

Mr Stone was booted from Twitter after an explative-filled tirade calling for CNN anchor Jake Tapper to be “very severly punished.”

The political operative is the latest controversial figure that Musk has allowed back on Twitter.


In November, Twitter allowed Donald Trump to regain his account, following a ban for inciting violence related to his rhetoric around the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

Thus far, however, the former president has stuck to his Truth Social Twitter clone instead, where its looser content rules have allowed him to continue making controversial online comments, including a post calling for the termination of the US Constitution.

Researchers warned that Mr Musk is poised to allow a flood of right-wing content back onto Twitter.

“Effectively, trust and safety and content moderation on Twitter are dead under Elon Musk,” according to Sam Woolley, head of the Propaganda Research Lab in the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of The Reality Game: How the Next Wave of Technology Will Break the Truth. “Twitter has taken … a lot of time and put in a lot of effort over the last several years to respond to the problems of disinformation and propaganda on its platforms. What we have now is a completely confusing environment that Musk contends is free speech for everyone but which is really an informational dictatorship that prioritizes Musk’s whims over any kind of systematic governance of the platform.”

Mr Musk also reinstated at least 11 accounts belonging to prominent far-right and anti-trans influencers, including Jordan Peterson and right-wing satirical media company the Babylon Bee, which were both suspended for misgendering transgender people.

Twitter also restored an account for activist group Project Veritas, despite its ban “for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy,” as well as the personal account belonging to far-right Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene had been suspended for flagrant violations of the platform’s policies against spreading Covid-19 misinformation.

Source: Independent


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