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Royal Commentator Urges Kensington Palace to Be ‘Candid and Open’ Amid Kate Middleton Recovery Drama



Kensington Palace has to open up. That’s a commentator’s advice for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s office amid conspiracy theories about the Princess of Wales, who hasn’t made a public appearance since late 2023. The palace should be “candid and open” about whatever they can or, the commentator says, risk appearing “very secretive” about much more than Kate’s surgery recovery. 

Kensington Palace must ‘work overtime’ to be ‘candid and open’ amid questions about Kate Middleton’s recovery

After the Prince of Wales pulled out of a memorial service for King Constantine II of Greece due to a “personal reason” and a very brief update on Kate’s recovery, royal commentator Jack Royston discussed Kensington Palace’s image with TalkTV’s The Royal Tea.

“I think what the palace needs to be really careful of here is that it’s starting to look like they’re being very secretive about quite a lot of things,” Royston said (via Newsweek). 

“Now, I’m completely willing to believe that something may well have sprung up in William’s life that he has a genuine right to keep private,” he continued. 

“But the palace, I think, need[s] to now work overtime to be as candid and open about absolutely everything that they can be candid and open about. And just really assume that you tell everybody what’s going on unless there’s a really good reason not to.”

Royston went on to say the speculation surrounding Kate’s whereabouts and the status of her condition circulating largely on social media could “go away with one little picture.” 


Meanwhile, Kate Mansey, The Times‘ royal editor, shared that Kensington Palace’s secrecy has only increased the social media “vacuum.” 

“It’s that secrecy, that people feel like they haven’t seen her,” Mansey said. “And the problem with the kind of PR strategy of saying nothing at all is that people try and fill that vacuum on social media and then conspiracy theories abound.”

The palace has reiterated their ‘initial’ statement about Kate’s recovery and sharing minimal updates

Amid heightened speculation about Kate’s recovery online, Kensington Palace referenced their initial statement on Jan. 16, 2024, announcing the 42-year-old’s hospital stay. 

“As we have been clear since our initial statement in January, we shall not be providing a running commentary or providing daily updates,” the palace said on Feb. 29, 2024. 

In the January statement, the palace noted Kate’s desire to “maintain as much normality for her children as possible.” Therefore, they’d only issue updates on “significant new information.” 

Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, didn’t reportedly visit the hospital because of school. However, they were believed to have FaceTimed with their mom often before her return home to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, England. 


Kate’s expected to be out of the public eye and on a break from royal duties until after Easter or March 31, 2024. 

Kate’s uncle is appearing on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ risks issue for Kensington Palace

While Kensington Palace has continued to stay quiet on Kate’s recovery, the public may be getting updates another way. Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has signed on for the latest installment of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother. It premieres on March 4, 2024. 

The problem, Susanna Reid, host of Good Morning Britain, told viewers, is any comments from Goldsmith on his royal niece go against the palace’s aim of staying out of headlines. 

“If he says anything about Kate, it’s going to make headlines, and Kate is recovering, and the palace do [sic] not want to be in the headlines,” she said (via Newsweek). 

Source: Cheat Sheet


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