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Rumors About the Foo Fighters Replacement Drummer are Plentiful, but They’re Staying Quiet



In March 2022, Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters, died suddenly in a hotel in Colombia. Hawkins’ death ended the band’s tour and sent his closest friends and biggest fans into deep mourning. The band has not toured since but has appeared at a few tribute events. That’s about to change. The Foo Fighters’ new tour dates are fast approaching, but one question remains. Who will be behind the drum kit? While fans and experts have theories, the band is staying extra quiet. 

Foo Fighters fans continue to speculate about the band’s replacement drummer 

When the Foo Fighters announced that they’d be moving forward with new shows following Hawkins’ death, fans rejoiced. Since that January announcement, chatter about a replacement drummer has only intensified. Fans have taken to social media to debate the merits of several world-class drummers, but are any of them the replacement? 

Some of the names thrown around feel plausible, like Matt Cameron, Omar Hakim, or Atom Willard. Other suggestions seem less likely. Rufus Taylor, for example, already has a lot going on. Shane Hawkins, the son of the late Taylor Hawkins, has also been suggested by a couple of fans as a potential replacement. Shane is 17 years old, so the suggestion seems absurd.  

Matt Cameron responds to recent rumors 

In late March 2023, Foo Fighters fans thought the wait was finally over. Several media outlets reported that Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam would join the Foos on tour and take over as the band’s drummer. There was plenty of reason to speculate about Cameron taking on the responsibility.

Dummer Matt Cameron sits behind his drum kit at the Ohana Festival Encore in 2021.

Cameron was one of several drummers to get behind the kit in September 2022 for a tribute to Taylor Hawkins. He has connections to the band and has paid tribute to Hawkins more than once on his Instagram page. In fact, he did so one day before reports named him as the new Foo Fighters drummer. Apparently, Cameron had also been spotted hanging out around the band’s rehearsal space recently. 

According to Billboard, despite reports and speculation, Matt Cameron will not be joining the band. The publication reported that Cameron took to Instagram to dispel the rumors, writing simply that he had not joined the Foos in a story. The story has since expired.  

Why is the band staying so quiet about the replacement? 

Fans continue to speculate about who will be behind the drumkit come May when the band plays its first show in New Hampshire. The members of the Foo Fighters are staying ridiculously quiet about it, though. The band is opting to hold out on any big announcements. There could be a couple of reasons why. 

Taylor Hawkins dressed in a black tank top behind the drum kit with Foo Fighters in 2021

By this point, it seems probable that the band has worked out how they’ll deal with drumming duties going into the upcoming tour. After all, the first tour date is fast approaching. The band may opt not to share any announcements because they haven’t made a final long-term decision, though we are sure they already have a drummer set for May 2023. It’s also possible that Foo Fighters will just keep things under wrap until we get closer to the official tour date. It is their right. For now, fans will continue to speculate. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, though. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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