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Ryan Gosling Once Joked That Working With Emma Stone on More Than 1 Film Was Tough



Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have frequently collaborated with each other in movies. But Gosling once joked that their friendship could sometimes cause trouble when trying to do dramatic movie scenes.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling met for ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’

Audiences saw Gosling and Stone collaborate for the first time in the 2011 romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid Love. Stone once confided that the film was also responsible for bringing the pair together.

“We met in the audition for Crazy, Stupid, Love. Which was the day after the Oscars…2010,” she once told Variety.

Gosling hadn’t starred in too many comedies prior to Crazy, Stupid, Love. So when Stone signed on to the project, it gave Gosling confidence in the feature.

“I knew the movie was going to be good when she signed on. The whole thing really hinges on her character; my character has to give it all up for her and that has to make sense. Show me a man who wouldn’t give it all up for Emma Stone and I’ll show you a liar,” Gosling once told Collider.

Ryan Gosling once shared why working with Emma Stone again could be tough


Since Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gosling and Stone have worked on two more projects together. They teamed up for 2013’s Gangster Squad and the 2016 Oscar-winning film La La Land. Crazy, Stupid, Love director Glenn Ficarra wasn’t surprised to see Stone and Gosling collaborating so frequently. It was an idea that he and John Requa, who co-directed the film with him, quipped was stolen from them.

“When we were working with them we kept talking to people about how we have to put them in another movie together, so everybody took the idea. We should’ve kept our mouths shut. Again, they have great chemistry, and they have fun together,” Ficarra once told Entertainment Weekly.

For Gosling, there were many benefits in collaborating with Stone again. But the actor confided that he always felt comfortable working with the same people on different projects.

“You spend most of the time getting to know a person, getting to know how they work, developing a shorthand together,” Gosling once told Shortlist.

Gosling felt this also meant adjusting to the work quicker since he didn’t have to get to know his co-stars.

“You’re able to do better work and you don’t waste time with formalities,” he added.

But working with Stone could sometimes be challenging due to their sense of humor.


“Well, it’s tough with Emma because we are such knuckleheads, and we have to work hard to be serious. Especially as we got to know each other on a comedy,” he said.

How Ryan Gosling has helped Emma Stone’s career

Stone and Gosling have never dated, but they’ve maintained a close friendship since their meeting in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Stone’s even confided that she’s gone to Gosling for help on a few of her films every now and then.

“I’ve asked him to read a couple of scripts. I just really like hearing his viewpoint because I know that it’s never going to be tainted. He’s very much his own person … I only met him two years ago when we did Crazy, Stupid, Love, but it was like meeting a member of your team or something … I really like his brain,” Stone once said on Interview (via Style Caster).

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