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Saxony-Anhalt: Thieves are deterred on the A14 construction site



Lüderitz (Saxony-Anhalt) – Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Altmark, the A 14 is being built bit by bit. Loneliness attracts thieves. When the workers come in the morning, there are no tools, containers have been broken open and the diesel has been tapped from the construction machines…

But now the fun is over. Foreman Axel Kürschner (59) to BILD: “Our construction site is now safer than the famous Fort Knox.”

The two imposing rotary drilling rigs, which drill holes in the ground for noise barriers, can be seen from afar – attracting criminals like moths to a light. Again and again, crooks drained diesel and also AdBlue – in one October night it was a whole 600 liters of fuel alone.

The boss shows where the crooks’ terror hangs – right at the top, so that the criminals can’t sabotage the technology

Photo: Christian Schroedter

Safest construction site in Saxony-Anhalt

An annoying affair for the employees of Spezialtiefbau GmbH from Cottbus. “This causes immense work delays. We have to request replacement tankers, order new technology, inform the police,” reports Axel Kürschner.


Therefore, the construction site of the future Autobahn 14 was now to the safest construction site in all of Saxony-Anhalt: “Cameras were installed at a height of ten meters. They register EVERYTHING. They film around the clock and take photos every 30 seconds. In the evening we barricade our tool container with the shovel excavator, level the earth all around to make it easier for the detective to analyze traces in the event of damage,” says the foreman.

And the biggest highlight: If uninvited guests enter the construction site at night, a loudspeaker announcement sounds: “Leave the construction site immediately. The police will be alerted within 30 seconds.”

Because she was robbed on TV World Cup reporter to determine punishment for thief

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