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SEAN HANNITY: There’s one set of rules for Democrats, another set of rules for Donald Trump and conservatives



Fox News host Sean Hannity argued Trump is “facing the wrath” of the DOJ on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Now, President Trump has been indicted on seven counts, that much we know, all related to his handling of those classified documents and “what we call process crimes, obstruction of justice.” Meanwhile, absolutely no charges against Joe Biden, even top secret classified documents from as far back as his time as senator that turned up in multiple locations utilized by Joe, including an unsecured office building in DC and Biden’s very own garage. Apparently, mishandling top secret documents is OK if you’re a Biden or a Clinton or I guess a Democrat, for that matter. Hillary mishandled America’s secrets on an unsecured private server that we were told was likely hacked by foreign countries. And then she attempted to cover her tracks by deleting 33,000 emails, wiping hard drives on computers off with something called bleach bit, a kind of acid, washing the hard drives and then, of course, destroying phones and blackberries with hammers and removing SIM cards. But according to Jim Comey, “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Hillary Clinton. Now, of course, it is a very different story when it comes to Trump. 


He is now facing multiple charges because of a few documents from his own presidency stored in a secure room at Mar-a-Lago with a padlock on the door. By the way, I’ll say about this room, a room that the FBI previously had access to, unfettered access and, as a matter of fact, had the opportunity to remove items if they wanted to. The only thing they requested was to put a second lock on the door, a padlock, that was complied with by the Trump people down in Mar-a-Lago. Meanwhile, Joe Biden can store similar documents in a box in a wide open garage. Nobody seems to care. And let’s not forget about the 2016 allegations of bribery against Joe Biden from the “trusted confidential human source” that even the Obama-Biden administration ended up paying on occasion. 

According to, the source detailed conversations with a Burisma executive to the FBI. This executive reportedly referred to Hunter as dumb, but, “had to pay the Bidens because Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin was investigating Burisma.” And it would be difficult…how difficult it would be to enter the US market in the midst of that investigation. And that was, of course, the very same Ukrainian prosecutor that Biden ultimately demanded be fired by leveraging $1 billion taxpayer dollars. The source claimed that a $5 million payment was directed to Joe Biden and another $5 million payment to Hunter Biden. But as Fox reports, these payments, they weren’t direct payments. 


Instead, they were made, “through so many different bank accounts that investigators would not be able to unravel this for at least ten years.” Now, again, these are allegations made by a confidential human source. That’s the 1023 form we’ve been talking about, who has worked with the FBI for years, trusted by the FBI. The FBI paid this individual $200,000 for some of his intel. And yet, as far as we know, the DOJ is not pursuing a case against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the big guy or anybody. 

Instead, it’s his Republican challenger Donald Trump, who is now facing the wrath of the DOJ surrounding the storage of documents from his very own presidency. Yes, it is a dark day in America. We’ve said it often. There’s no equal justice. There’s no equal application of our laws. There’s one set of rules for Democrats, another set of rules for Donald Trump and conservatives and anybody, especially in his orbit. Our system of justice has now been weaponized beyond belief. And this country is in serious trouble. 

Source: Fox News


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