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Season 18 of ‘Sister Wives’ Proves Just How Selfish Robyn Brown Is



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Meri Brown might be a good friend to Robyn Brown, but Robyn isn’t a good friend to her. Kody Brown’s only wife is being incredibly selfish about the departure of her sister wives.

Robyn Brown joined the Brown family in 2010. 13 years later, she is the last sister wife standing. You could point to several key moments in Sister Wives that prove Robyn is the family’s biggest problem. Still, at the end of the day, Kody Brown is to blame for decimating his plural marriages. Robyn isn’t entirely blameless, though. In season 18 of the controversial reality TV series, she is proving just how selfish she is. One of her worst moments came in the Oct. 1 episode. 

Robyn Brown sobs over losing the stability of Meri Brown 

Robyn Brown showcased her selfishness in the Oct. 1 episode of Sister Wives. In one poignant scene, Robyn Brown questions Meri Brown about her desire to move her clothing business from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Parowan, Utah. 


Meri insisted she was telling Robyn because she believes Robyn is the only one who “cares” where she is. The statement was heartfelt and heartbreaking. Meri was kind in how she handled Robyn and her emotions. Robyn didn’t return the favor. 

Kody Brown’s fourth wife sobbed over losing the “steadiness” that is Meri Brown. She went on to reveal she’s “angry” at the other wives for leaving plural marriage behind. Robyn failed to understand the heartbreak of three wives who were getting almost no attention from their shared husband because she had not experienced a lack of affection. 

Robyn Brown is being pretty selfish in season 18 of ‘Sister Wives’

For the last several seasons, viewers have lambasted Robyn Brown on social media. She has been blamed for the downfall of the Brown family and called out for acting willfully obtuse about her sister wives’ struggles. While some of that blame might be misplaced, we can admit that she is acting incredibly selfish regarding Meri Brown. 

If Robyn Brown truly sympathized with her sister wives, she would understand why they must move on. Instead of guilting Meri for making a move that best fits her, she should cheer her on. Meri has spent a decade in a loveless marriage, being bullied by her spiritual husband and her sister wives. Moving on and away from Kody is the healthiest decision Meri has made. The fact that Robyn can’t celebrate that, despite insisting she and Meri are friends, is just sad. 

Where are Kody’s estranged wives now? 

While Robyn did try to guilt Meri into staying in her troubled marriage, it didn’t work. Meri has moved on from Flagstaff and does not appear to have a home base in the state any longer. She is living full-time in Parowan, Utah, and enjoys traveling. The small business owner is open to dating again at some point. 

The cast of TLC's 'Sister Wives' in key art for season 18 includes Meri, Kody, Robyn, Janelle and Christine Brown.

Meri isn’t the only former sister wife who has walked away entirely. Christine Brown, who left Kody in 2021, is set to marry her new love, David Woolley, later this month. Janelle Brown still maintains a residence in Flagstaff but is not interested in reconnecting with Kody. Janelle even publicly toyed with the idea of moving back to Utah to find a new polygamist family to join. Robyn and Kody remain legally wed. 

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