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‘Selling Sunset’: Why Is Davina Potratz Hardly in Season 6?



It’s hard to imagine a Selling Sunset season without at least one Oppenheim broker causing totally unnecessary drama. Thankfully, we have Nicole Young for that in season 6, but at one point, Davina Potratz seemed to be the one causing a few problems on the popular Netflix show. Specifically, let’s not forget when she questioned Chrishell Stause’s story about her divorce from Justin Hartley way back at the show’s start, suggesting that there are “two sides” to every situation. Of course, it rubbed Chrishell — and viewers — the wrong way, and since Davina was always close with Christine Quinn (or “She Who Shall Not Be Named,” according to Heather), some fans became a bit cold toward Davina.

She was a pretty prominent cast member for the show’s first five seasons but has seemingly disappeared for its sixth, with the exception of an occasional one-liner and a few seconds of screen time sparsely dispersed throughout the show. What happened?

Davina no longer works full time at The Oppenheim Group

Back toward the end of season 4, Davina received a chance to work at Douglas Elliman and opted to take that position over staying full-time with Oppenheim. “My background is in new development sales and marketing, so this is just a wonderful opportunity for me,” Davina told People at the time. However, she remained committed to being on the show, as long as the Netflix series would still have her. Plus, she left on great terms with Jason Oppenheim, who told People that she “has always been a tremendous asset and a valued agent at the Oppenheim Group, and … I hope that we continue to work together in the future.”

It looked like that would still be the case, given that Davina very much appeared on the show’s fifth season.

Davina hasn’t given any other reason for her season 6 absence

It’s assumed that Davina’s new role with Douglas Elliman just means she’s hardly in the Oppenheim offices. As a result, she likely doesn’t spend as much time with the women as she once did, which means she’s more absent from filming. Davina still promoted the show’s sixth season on social media and never gave an additional reason for her limited screen time, so it’ safe to say she simply is balancing two roles and isn’t always there when the cameras are rolling.


We’re just theorizing here, but since Christine Quinn is no longer on the show, Davina doesn’t have as much of a storyline — she was Christine’s sidekick up until Chelsea Lazkani joined the cast during season five. And with so much drama having unfolded among the other cast members, Davina might not have been as interesting to film (which sounds like an insult, but we promise it’s a compliment — the less drama, the better).

The jury is still out as for whether Davina will be more of a presence in season 7. If she plays her cards right and starts a massive feud with someone right at the top of the season, we can almost guarantee Netflix will give her more screen time. As for the odds of that happening? It’s too soon to tell.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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