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‘Sex/Life’ Showrunner Says Season 2 Ending ‘Was Never Intended to Be a Series Finale’



The Netflix drama Sex/Life finished season 2 with a happily ever after. Millions of viewers were delighted when in the final episode of the season, Billie and Brad were reunited, and everything worked out for the best.

Now, we have learned that the season 2 ending was “never intended to be a series finale,” according to a Sex/Life showrunner.

How did ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 end?

According to Variety, the Sex/Life Season 2 began exactly where season 1 left off, with divorced mom Billie at Brad’s door.

Inspired by the book 44 Chapters About 4 Men by B.B. Easton, the show saw Billie asking herself if she could have everything. She found herself torn between wanting the steamy, sexual relationship that she used to have with Brad, and her current life with her husband, Cooper, and their kids.

After separating from Cooper, she tries a new relationship. She quickly realizes she can’t move forward since she is still in love with Brad. 

By the season’s end, most characters are in different situations. Brad and his wife have broken up. However, she has just given birth to their baby, and Cosmopolitan reports that Billie is single, living in a New York apartment, and working on her Ph.D.


She is at her best friend Sasha’s wedding when Brad shows up. He confesses to Billie that she is the one for him. In a true fairy tale ending, the two kiss. Suddenly, the scene fast forwards to their wedding on the beach where — surprise! — Billie reveals to Brad that she is pregnant.

Seems like the perfect ending.

This wasn’t intended to be the end of the show

Billie may have gotten her “happily ever after.” However, showrunner Stacy Rukeyser has revealed that this wasn’t actually intended to be the end for Sex/Life. She is hoping for a renewal from Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rukeyser said, “I know there are always more stories to tell with these characters in the Sex/Life universe, and I hope we get the chance to tell those stories. My guiding mantra was that this is a fairytale; this is not a morality tale. And that had a lot to do with how some people felt about what Billie did at the end of the first season.”

Rukeyser is hoping to get a green light for a third season of the show. She said, “Netflix has two calls. One is after 10 days and one is after 28 days. And that’s when your fate is decided.”

What are the chances for a renewal?


So, will Netflix renew Sex/Life? It remains to be seen.

However, Netflix Life reports that the second season only had 43.89 million hours viewed in its first week, which is not so great.

Also, within two weeks of the Sex/Life season 2 premiere, the show dropped out of the top 10. That could definitely decrease the show’s chances of getting a renewal.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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