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‘Sex Lives of College Girls’: Who Is Mitchell Slaggert Who Plays Jackson?



HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls added a new handsome face to the cast. Mitchell Slaggert plays Jackson in season 2, and here is everything to know about the actor who plays the noisy neighbor to our favorite students.

Who is Jackson on ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’?

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Season 2 started with the introduction of Jackson in “Winter Is Coming.” He was described as a climate change refugee from Kansas. 

Jackson said his dorm was blown away by a category four tornado. He caught the eye of multiple women in the dorm and lives right next to Bela (Amrit Kaur), Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott), and Leighton (Reneé Rapp).

The first episode ended with Kimberly yelling at him for loudly having sex. Jackson gave her his number, so she could text him any time to keep it down.


Where you’ve seen Mitchell Slaggert before

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Slaggert previously played Rob in the episode “Gossip Gone, Girl” in the HBO Max show, Gossip Girl. Before that, he was in the show Diablo Guardián.

The actor was also in the movies Spare Room, Write When You Get Work, Wish Upon, and Moss. According to IMDb, Slaggert will be in six episodes of the new season of Sex Lives of College Girls, so fans will be seeing more of him.

As fans wait to learn more about Jackson, they can learn more about the person who plays him on social media and more.

How to follow Mitchell Slaggert

Amrit Kaur, Mitchell Slaggert, and Renee Rapp in ‘Sex Lives of College Girls | HBO MAX

Acting isn’t Slaggert’s only job. He models and is signed to Wilhelmina too. He worked for big brands like Calvin Klein, Nautica, Versace, and more. The model is from North Carolina and told Interview magazine how he was discovered.

“I was getting b********ed around by the Marine Corps for over a year and once they finally said no—I lost a kidney in a car accident when I was seven,” he said. “I moved to Wilmington and set up shop there. One day I was washing my car, and Daniel Peddle [the director of Moss] tapped me on my shoulder and said, ‘Do you want to model?’ I was like, ‘Thank you, no thank you. I’m good.’ Long story short, he convinced me to do it. I went to New York two weeks later and then two weeks after that, I’m flying to Milan to do the Calvin Klein runway.”

It’s no surprise that Slaggert loves the outdoors given his history. His Instagram profile is full of pictures of him out with his dogs, fishing, swimming, and even cooking outdoors over a fire.


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