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Shania Twain Reveals What Makes Her Happy: ‘I’m Just Less Concerned About the Small Things’



Shania Twain opened up about her life and career journey. She says she’s finally happy and less concerned about the “small things.” Here’s what the country singer had to say.

Shania Twain is learning to love herself

Shania Twain and Stephen Colbert | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Twain is in a place where she feels good about herself. He says she’s at a point in her life where she knows exactly who she is. During an interview with Hoda Kotb on the Making Space podcast, Twain spoke about her journey toward self-acceptance.

Twain says she learned how to love her body whether she’s naked or fully clothed. She tells Kotb she increased her confidence by posing nude for her latest album, Queen of Me. She revealed she doesn’t plan on getting plastic surgery to change her body.

What makes Shania Twain happy

Shania Twain waves and smiles while holding her dog.
Shania Twain | Gotham/GC Images

Twain spoke about what makes her happy. She says it doesn’t take much to keep her satisfied these days. For Twain, it’s all about self-care and making sure she feels her best. She doesn’t pay attention to the small things that used to bother her.  

“My focus is more about well-being than it’s ever been before,” says Twain. “In that sense, I’m just concerned less about the small things. There’s a small list of essential things in order to be happy.”

When Kotb asks Twain what she needs to be happy, she says, “[I] need health. I need freedom. Anything creative gives me freedom. I could live in a box and still find that freedom. I can escape with my mind. And I’m exploring that more than I’ve ever done before. I’m writing things that are more explorative. I’m more frank than I’ve ever been with my lyrics.”

Twain says she’s grateful for her life and all she has been blessed with. The singer is thankful she survived a severe case of COVID and regained her voice after a Lyme disease diagnosis and surgery. 


“I’m appreciating surviving COVID; I had a bad bout with it,” says Twain. “I’m appreciating being able to sing again after this very difficult operation on my throat. I’m just grateful for so many things. I have a great son, I have a happy marriage, I’m healthy.”

Shania Twain says she feels ‘liberated’

Kotb asked Twain how she’s feeling at this “age and stage.” The country singer says she couldn’t be better. She experienced some hardships along the way, but she says this time in her life has been great.

“I’m feeling quite liberated in so many ways,” says Twain. “I’m feeling positive and optimistic, but still at the same time unapologetic. I don’t feel like I need to explain myself as much as probably ever in my life. But I feel very responsible, still. The Queen of Me title for the album couldn’t be more fitting for where I’m at in my own mind.”

Twain says she feels like she’s finally in control of her life. She’s confident in where life is taking her. Says Twain, “I’m responsible for myself, I take the good with the bad, I know I’ve got faults, I know I’ll never be perfect, and I’ll keep striving to be better, but I’m mostly enjoying the search, enjoying the evolution.”

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