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‘Single’s Inferno 2’: Jin-young’s Weird Reason for Not Picking Nadine for His First Date



It’s tough trying to find love in the inferno. Anything can go wrong and ruin your chances of getting a date. Kim Jin-young didn’t have that problem on Netflix’s Single’s Inferno 2. But he revealed why he didn’t pick Lee Nadine for his two-on-one date, and they talked about what they thought of each other in those early days.

Jin-young’s first date on ‘Single’s Inferno 2’ was with Shin Seul-ki and Choi Seo-eun

Jin-young was the first new single to enter the inferno. He faced Shin Dong-woo and Choi Jong-woo in a three-way tug-of-war match. The newcomer won and got to pick two women as his lunch dates.

He picked Shin Seul-ki and Choi Seo-eun. They also happened to be the first women to go to paradise. They asked him how he chose them.

“I think you just had a good first impression very bubbly, which I liked,” he answered. “And pretty, which I liked.” He told the girls that he likes pretty girls.

In the end, Jin-young pursued Seul-ki and went to paradise with her. It was one of the steamiest paradise dates of the season.


The finale showed him standing next to Nadine for a very long time. But he left her to be one of three men who chose Seul-ki. She left the inferno holding hands with Jong-woo. The man who liked her from the very beginning and waited a long time to take her to paradise. She admitted that Jong-woo changed her way of thinking.

Jin-young admits he didn’t pick Nadine on ‘Single’s Inferno 2’ because of her height

Nadine and Jin-young watched Jin-young’s memorable entrance into the show and his win. He explained his dramatic finish of taking the flag and throwing it.

“I was in a weird position,” he said. “I was so happy that I won, and that was the only way to express that.”

Nadine revealed the episode didn’t show the full conversation between the women after the competition. “We complimented how cool you were,” she admitted. “Me, Seul-ki, Se-jeong. We were like, ‘Wow! This guy looks so cool! So many compliments.”

“Now I’m proud,” Jin-young replied. He later asked why Nadine didn’t say something to him. Nadine admitted she knew Seul-ki liked him a lot. They then watched Jin-young’s awkward two-on-one date with Seul-ki and Seo-eun. Nadine asked why he didn’t pick her.

Lee Nadine at Harvard in ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 | via Netflix

“Nadine really did catch my eyes at first,” he said. “Seriously.” She called him a liar.


“To be honest, I was thinking that you might make me seem small because I didn’t stand too close,” he explained. “I would have noticed that I was a bit taller. But from afar, I was like, ‘She might be taller than me!’”

He laughed at this. The other reason he gave was her style was rare in Korea. So he didn’t feel like he could ask her out immediately. The pair are still good friends, and Jin-young flirts with her in the YouTube video.

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