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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Says Janelle Makes ‘Single Woman Decisions’



Sister Wives has gotten super dramatic this season. The family is feeling the after-effects of Christine and Kody’s divorce. Now, things between Kody and Janelle aren’t looking too good either. Season 17 has put the couple’s issues front and center.

Kody has accused Janelle of making “single-woman decisions.”

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Janelle and Kody’s marriage is breaking down on ‘Sister Wives’

Several factors have contributed to the breakdown between Janelle and Kody’s marriage. The pair have been “spiritually” married since 1993. However, Kody’s obvious favoritism toward his fourth wife, Robyn, his strict COVID-19 rules for the family, and his obsession with “loyalty” has driven a wedge between himself and Janelle.

However, Kody has accused Janelle of making decisions like a single woman.

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Kody says Janelle makes ‘single woman decisions’

Kody seems annoyed that Janelle has continued to make choices for herself and their children without considering him. “I don’t know why it’s been OK for so many years,” he told her on an episode of Sister Wives. “And it’s not now. You actually live like a single woman.”


Janelle retorted that she had had to make decisions for herself because Kody has not been a dependable partner. “A long time ago, I was encouraged to be independent. That’s what you did as a plural wife,” Janelle explained during a confessional. “I’ll ask him, and my needs get ignored. I decided to be my own hero and I rescued myself and I started doing things for myself.”

At this point, it looks like Janelle is happy pressing forward on her own.

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Janelle has been questioning her marriage to Kody on ‘Sister Wives’

Janelle saw firsthand the breakdown between Christine and Kody’s marriage, which eventually led to their divorce. She has also witnessed the rocky relationship that Kody has with Meri, which has resulted in their solely platonic relationship.

As someone who has always been highly independent, Janelle has begun to question her marriage and the path forward.  “I never thought I’d be in a place where I would be questioning my relationship, but the last few years, I’ve began to wonder if we’re compatible anymore [sic],” Janelle said on a recent episode of Sister Wives. “Maybe this doesn’t work anymore for me, I don’t know.” 

She said, “You cannot depend on your husband to meet all your needs.”

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